Krups FMF5
Thermal Coffee Maker Review

There have been many discussions about the Krups FMF5 Thermal Coffee Maker and for this reason, this very machine that we will discuss now has become very popular.

Krups FMF5 Pros

First of all, the system on which Krups Coffee Makers are based on has proven to be very effective and easy-to-use.

Many people stated this opinion, saying that they noticed the effectiveness of the coffee maker from the first moment they used it.

The mechanism contained by this machine is based on a classical system used for the most coffee makers. However, one good thing about this very coffee maker is the ease of operating it.

Nonetheless, it is true that the majority of people questioned about using it have used other coffee machines as well in the past.

Krups FMF5 Cons

A stated drawback concerning this coffee machine came from a person whose children played with it and were able to ruin it as they could easily access the ON/OFF button of the machine.

Hence, we may consider that this is an actual subject of improvement of the Krups Coffee Maker. Other than that, we may notice that the reviews were mostly positive and came from satisfied users of the product.

So overall, the customer opinion tended towards the effectiveness of the machine.

This dues also to the helpfulness that people found in the product, as many of them were familiar to both effective and bad quality products of this kind.

Final Thought

Moreover, the product seemed to be exciting for many users as it is also very easily available for purchase.

People can choose to buy the Krups coffee maker online or directly from a store. However, most of the customers opt for online purchases as these are usually more comfortable and convenient.

Regarding the costs, we may consider that this is a two-way subject, as there are many opinions that agree with the cost of the coffee maker but there are about the same number of opinions that think it is a bit expensive for its functions.

However, this is a subjective aspect, as there are lots of categories of people who have bought the machine and the discussion about the price comes from a personal approach that regards mostly the budget of the family or of the individual that bought the coffee maker at a certain time.

All in all, after a close look at the Krups Thermal coffee maker we may consider that there are many reviews related to the aspects and the options that the machine offers but most of these are inclined towards the helpfulness and the usefulness of the machine. We may say that most opinions are positive.

Krups FMF5


Thermal carafe

makes 10 cups

Programmable clock - coffee is ready when you want

Pause and serve

Automatic shut off when runs out of water

illuminated blue LCD

descaling indicator

beeps when coffee is ready

weight - 7 Ibs

height - 13 3/4 inches

length - 8 1/2 inches

depth - 10 1/2 inches

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