Krups FME4
Coffee Maker Review

The KUPS Model FME4 Coffee machine weighs in at just less than six pounds and allows the consumer to make a stout 12 cups of freshly brewed coffee.

The unit has a $125 dollar list price and is a very modern looking unit made in black and stainless to blend in the décor of any kitchen or breakfast nook.

Krups FME4 pros

Some of the major pros this unit has going for it are its built in timer with auto shut off which is a must for the time constrained consumer.

The big backlit numbers on the LED control panel make it a snap to get things exactly when you want them. It also features a pause and pour feature, which is fantastic if you need that morning cup before the entire pot is brewed.

Just pause the brewing, pour your cup, and get back to brewing. Saves coffee running all over the counter as it brews and drips.

The heart of the unit is an eleven hundred watt heater, which brews quickly, and it uses easily obtainable number four filters which a shower head spray of water sprays over the grounds and extracts a wonderfully rich and aromatic cup of java.

Krups FME4

The biggest cons and complaints for the unit are that is does NOT have a re-useable filter so you will have to invest some money into the filters. With today’s eco sensitive consumer, this is a major disappointment.

There is also no removable water tank, which will make cleaning a little harder and there is no grinder, so you have to buy the already ground coffee at the store.

There also is no warming plate to keep things toasty when not brewing, there is no cord storage and, believe it or not, no strength settings. So you’ll just have to learn how to get the right taste by touch when you want a stronger or weaker beverage.

Another issue is that the glass carafe has cup markings on one side only, so you lefties out there might not be as comfortable wit this as your right handed counterparts and the carafe seems to pour a little quickly, so you might want to be careful until you learn the touch.

The overflow tube is positioned so that it can leak water all over the counter should you be overzealous and over fill the unit and the water level indicator is mostly decorative and really gives no accurate indication of the actual amount of liquid you have in the coffee maker.

Krups FME4 Final Thought

All of these short comings aside, the folks at Krups have made a rather good-looking, solid performer for the coffee-drinking folks. One that will look as good as it performs and will give you countless perfectly brewed cups of exquisitely brewed coffee.

This will make an excellent addition to your kitchen and make your coffee brewing life simple and more pleasurable for the long haul and after all, that’s really what you are after when you buy a coffee maker. Easy to use and great cups of coffee.

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