Krups FME2 Review

Here’s a moderate priced entry into the coffee-making world from the famous Krup Company whom we have all come to know and love.

At about five and a half pounds it is tight in the ballpark with other machines in its class as far as size and weight and with a listed price from the manufacturer of $100, it’s relatively within reach of most consumers.

Krups FME2 Pros

It is fairly attractive and comes in black with the standard built in timer and auto shut off to stop the coffee from burning if you forget about it and leave it on.

It also has the stop and pour feature that allows you to grab a cup of coffee without having to wait for the entire pit to finish. That is a major important feature in today’s “got to have it NOW” society.

It takes in the neighborhood of five minutes from start to finish to get that cup of Joe in your hands.

It has built in water filtration to help make the coffee taste better by removing chlorine and lime scale build up which can make your coffee bitter.

It even has an automatic de-scaling feature to help keep things nice and clean for you.

The timer has a built in blue light LCD, which is easy to read even across a large kitchen area and modern looking so it will be at home in any kitchen or breakfast nook.

It seems to be a solidly built unit by today’s standards and should stand the test of time well with only a minor amount of care.

The soft eject filter holder is a plus as well, allowing the filter to swing out and into easy reach for effortless changing, even by the clumsiest of people.

Krups FME2 Cons

On the down side, there is no removable water tank so you can’t just detach it and dump it in the sink or dishwasher to get it clean after it gets dirty from the coffee beans.

It also seems to have a somewhat lighter than normal carafe - this could be a pro or a con depending on your point of view, so be aware of that.

Another interesting quirk on this Krup model is that once it has turned off, say you forgot to drink it when it finished brewing, went out and came home and wanted a hot cup to drink, it will try to enter a new brewing cycle and will say there is no water in it and it will turn off to save it burning up.

That means you would need to either pour a cup of cold coffee and heat it up in the microwave, or brew another pot (or partial pot) to get that fresh cup.

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this unit seems to be that it does, indeed, make a fine cup of tasty coffee yet most people find it a little over priced for the quality and features it contains and there are other units, at lesser prices, that do as good or better.

Krups FME2 Specs


Programmable clock - set brew cycle 

 makes 12 cups

Programmabe auto off - 1-5 hours 

 Flavor control

DuoFilter water filtration 

Pause and serve 

 Auto shut off when water reservoir empty

 easy LCD control panel

audio signal when brew ready 

descaling indicator 

height - 13 3/4 inches

length - 10 1/2 inches

depth - 8 1/2 inches

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