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krups fm

by Grandma D
(Olympia, Wa)

I am bewildered by the poor reviews of this Krups coffee maker. I live in the suburbs of a mid sized city and by necessity have a private well. Our water is mineral laden and even with softeners/conditioners installed it is not the greatest tasting. We have added filters to our refrigerator and kitchen faucet to provide one more level of mineral removal. The first ten years we lived here we went through over 12 coffee makers. I used every Black and Decker and Mr Coffee models made and was lucky if they lasted 6 months. I tried cheap brands, I tried Cuisinart amd other highly rated brands. Our water is hard on both dish and clothes washers as well. Needing to replace yet another coffee maker I decided to try out a Krups and 5 years later it is still working fine. FYI, I live in Starbucks country and do know my coffee.

I feel it necessary to point out a few basic points. I got tired of my coffee continuing to "cook" as it sat on the warmer plate and a non- heated carafe results in coffee maintaining its flavor for a much longer time. The coffee comes out of the Krups plenty hot enough, but YES, it then goes into a cold stainless steel carafe. Yes, it does cool off. I like my coffee waiting for me when I get up so pre-heating the carafe is not an option for me. BUT people --it is just like using a thermos! If you want the beverage to remain hot for a few hours you MUST pre-heat the receptacle you are putting it in. It's not rocket-science. If you want it to stay piping hot then a glass carafe sitting on a warming plate is the answer for you. Just don't complain that an hour later you are drinking sludge.

The Krups has continued to work and produce good coffee after 5 years of putting up with less than great water. Yes, every 6 months or so I do run a pot of white vinegar through it and on occasion I do get the "calc" message, warning me that mineral scale has built up. The vinegar treatment did nothing to prolong the lives of the previous brands however. Yes I admit the programming is a bit convoluted and I dread our winter power outages knowing a re-set will be required. After 5 years I am not complaining.

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