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Krups Fast Touch 203

It was very convenient to me because it was mall and didn't take up a lot of space. Since it was my first grinder, I thought it would be challenging to use. This one was as simple as it can get. I loved the sleek look of it and the fact that you get a great value for you buck.

The things I found wrong with it were quite minor. They would not keep me from purchasing this product. I wish it was a little bigger so I could grind at least two cups of coffee.

It was also a bit noisy. For such a small product, it packs some power, which makes it a bit noisier than you would expect. My roomate used it a couple times and said he found it hard to clean.

I however, didn't think it was that bad at all. So, if you love the taste of a fresh cup of coffee and have the time to grind your own beans, get this product. You will not regret it. I myself give it a four out of five rating and I'm sure you will be on par with me. I hope you enjoy your cup of coffee as much as I do.

- Its very easy to use
- Its quite inexpensive and does just as good a job as the expensive ones

- Even though its small, its very loud
- Can only grind enough coffee for one person.

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Mar 19, 2010
basic machine
by: Anonymous

- Easy to grind up coffee beans,
- can make large quantities at once

- Not easy to clean,
- doesn't grind up spices well

I found several people and magazines suggesting the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder as a great multipurpose coffee grinder without spending an arm and a leg. I picked one up and I have to say it works well for coffee, but it's not a multipurpose tool at all! I use mine both to grind up our coffee beans and to grind up the spices I have from my herb garden. I've never had a problem with the coffee beans, but it doesn't work at all with grinding up spices. I end up with large quantities not ground at all! The other big problem I had with it is that it isn't easy to clean it out. Since I've been trying to use it for both, I make sure to clean it after every use.

It takes me 15 minutes to a half an hour to clean it every time & I still can't reach into every crack and crevice! More than once I've had spicy coffee or coffee flavored basil. If you are interested in a basic coffee grinder for a good price, look no further than the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder. It's easy to use & does very well for grinding coffee, even the cheap stuff (husband picked up the wrong kind at least once). But don't expect it to do anything beyond that. If you are looking for a spice grinder, go spend some money on a better grinder or specifically a spice grinder. Also, if you are going to be cleaning it by hand, expect to spend a lot of time doing so and not great results.

Dec 10, 2009
Won't work for Espressos
by: Anonymous

- Cheap
- Efficient

- A little noisy
- Won’t work for espressos

5 out of 5

I am a coffee fanatic! Therefore, a few years ago I decided to buy a coffee grinder to help me save some money. I came very close to buying one of those really expensive $100+ grinders. However, I decided to try out the Krups Fast Touch 203 first.

I figured for twenty dollars it was at least worth a try. This ended up being a wonderful decision! The Krups Fast Touch 203 gives my coffee beans the perfect grind. In fact, I would say the coffee grinds look the same as what you would see from one of the more pricey grinders that I almost purchased.

With the Krups you can easily grind enough coffee for your average 10 pot coffee pot. However, if you prefer espressos this is not the coffee grinder for you. It does not grind the beans to be fine enough for your average good tasting espresso. Nonetheless, this was not a big problem for me because I am not an espresso guy.

(If you do prefer espressos you will have to buy an expensive burr grinder machine instead) The only real problem that some people may find with the Krupps Fast Touch is the fact that it can be a little noisy when operating. All in all, for the price this is one of the best deals out there for your average coffee drinker. It only costs $20.00 and will last. I have used my machine on a weekly basis for two years and have had no problems whatsoever.

Nov 12, 2009
A well made Coffee Grinder for a Cheaper Price
by: Anonymous

- it works very well and quickly
- it has an attractive design

- it is very noisy
- it is very difficult to clean

The Krups fast touch comes in two colors, white and black and has a sleek design you will not mind leaving on the counter. It is reasonably priced at $19.99 and does the job quite well. This model is fairly noisy and only the top of the unit removes to clean.

The way in which you transfer coffee to your coffee machine with this model is pretty messy. Krups does offer higher end machines that do not have the same problems, but for the money this is a very good model well made and will serve you very well. Our machine has so far lasted 8 years of daily grinding and I will repurchase this same model when it no longer works.

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