Krups Espresso
XP1500 Review

This is a rather large machine so it is not your best choice is you lack space in the kitchen – although it does look cool. It is a combined coffee maker and 15 bar pump espresso machine.

It can make a large 10 cups of coffee at once for the whole family or 25 shots of espresso coffee!

A machine like this is more difficult to use than the average coffee machine so no doubt you will have to contend with some trial and error while making your brews.

Krups XP1500 Cons

The biggest disappointment about this machine is the build quality reported by customers and its poor reliability. Customers reported this and for several reasons.

The handle seemed weak and fell off soon after buying for many customers. You would expect more quality from a machine of this price.

Another problem was the knobs on the machine didn’t function very well. Often customers were fiddling with the knobs to get the espresso to start dripping.

The machine seems to decline in functionality very quickly - after just a few months poor reliability and leaks were reported.

The design of the froth attachment also makes it difficult to froth the milk when making a cappuccino.

Krups XP1500 Pros

The plus points of this machine is that it is surprisingly easy to use after you get to grips with the controls. Krups have designed the XP1500 to make it very easy to clean.

The froth function (stem) despite being fairly low does work pretty well and just takes a little practice to make that perfect froth.

Most importantly no one had any complaints when it came to the taste of the coffee – perhaps the most important factor.

Another customer loves the machine because it doesn’t make too much noise when it is brewing and it is quick when making a whole pot.

Sure the Espresso xp1500 is a big device but it is still smaller and much more convenient then having the two separate machines. It is nice having a combined espresso and coffee machine. It makes things so much easier to use and to clean.

The Krups Coffee Maker Espresso xp1500 makes excellent coffees and espressos, it’s quiet and quick, but it may also breaks easily and the frothing stem system may be difficult for you to use.

Krups Espresso xp1500 Specs


10 cup capacity
Water level indicator in tank
illuminated on / off switch
swing out filter to easily place the coffee beans into
Makese espresso, cappuccino, and lattes
Steam nozzle for frothing

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