Krups Espresso Maker
XP2010 Review

In order to get the best cup of coffee, it is vital to start with the correct coffee maker. This joint espresso and drip coffee maker has served many people well.

If you choose coffee machine that bears the Krups name, you know that you have made a good choice. This espresso machine is designed to not only make you a decent cup of coffee, but an exceptional espresso.

The controls on the panels are easy to use, it is equipped with a cup warming tray with a standard 10 cup coffee pot with a reservoir of 50 oz.

The anti-drip system is for a cleaner coffee tray which prevents leaking and is equipped with a visible water indicator, makes it easy to check where the water level lies in case of a low water measure. The Pause and Serve indicator allows you to remove the carafe of coffee at your convenience.

Krups XP2010 Pros

The espresso machine produces a very good espresso and the coffee carafe is filled in nine minutes flat.

The machine is perfect for home use as it can be made to access more than a single cup of coffee. Should one choose to make a single cup, an Americano would be perfect.

For your convenience, this particular espresso machine is easy to transport, so when you go on camping trips, this would be ideal to plug into your R.V.

The espresso machine is convenient as it fits into any space that would hold it, the width and height alone makes it compactable.

One customer review stated that the machine lasted for 15 years for him and this machine makes for a better crema than any other household coffee machine on the market.

Krups XP2010 Cons

The frothing system on the XP2010 seems to be a holdup as the steam wand does not produce froth in an adequate amount.

The steamer seems to blow steam instead of doing what it is supposed to do. On other occasions, the steamer does not produce sufficient pressure in order to get the froth that one would like on the perfect cappuccino.

Other customers stated that there should be a note stating that the espresso machine itself should be switched off because the coffee becomes too diluted.

The Krups espresso machine comes highly recommended as there is no other combination coffee machine out there that operates as well as the Krups 2010. On the other hand, it is also stated that, after 2 months of using this appliance, it just stopped working.

Should you give the X2010 a 1 or 5 star, it would be worth the try and the money spent. The quality of the coffee is what one wants at the end of the day.

This machine is designed to allow the consumer to enjoy up to 10 cups of coffee at a time. The single espresso is what most prefer and this is the appliance that can provide you with a good crema and the perfect froth to get that great cappuccino on a Sunday morning.

Krups Espresso XP2010 Specs


Espresso maker and drip coffee machine
15 bar pump driven system
filter storage in lid
froth steam nozzle
tray for warming cups
removalble water tank
water level indicator
anti-drip system
water filtration option
10 cup glass caraffe
stainless steel finish

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