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Krups Coffee/Cappuccino Maker Model XP2070.

by Debbie
(Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Krups XP2070
Coffee and Espresso Machine

This machine is a little bit of heaven on earth in the morning. It is so great to have something that is so easy to use and so versatile while you’re on the run. This little and compact machine can make 10 cups of coffee and 25 shots of espresso.

This machine has the great feature of being able to program the size and strength of your coffee for the prefect cup every time. The machine also gives you the ability to program it so that you have a nice warm pot of coffee ready for you in the morning making your mornings quicker and easier.

It has a handy frothing nozzle to make the perfect cappuccino or addition to nay cup of coffee. It has a visible water level meter and it also has an anti-drip system. To make this simple machine even easier to use they have made it plain and simple so there is no confusion and hard instructions. This machine comes with a 32oz removable water tank making cleaning and filing the machine with water easier then ever.

One of the best features about this machine is that it has a cup warming plate so you can keep your coffee warm and retaining freshness with out having to brew a whole pot again. It’s a real treat that they make coffee makers to look so amazing in your kitchen now.

Instead of the old clunky white and black ones this machine is brushed stainless steel and goes perfect in any kitchen.

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Sep 24, 2010
Kraps xp2070 and Kraps xp2010
by: Anonymous

I have two Krups combo machines, the xp2010 and the xp2070. I got the xp2010 first and was fairly pleased with the coffee making ability, although the espresso maker was less than enthralling. I came upon the second machine, the xp2070 when the carafe on the first machine to easily broke and the replacement cost of the carafe was almost as much as the cost of the second machine I picked up used on Craigslist, which included the carafe. Besides, I figured it would be nice to have a machine that allowed me to program it for mornings. Although I liked the utilitarian look of the first machine, the looks of the second was eye-catching. This is where the niceties end. The xp2070 lasted for about a month before it fried. I took it apart to discover residual mineral deposits over all of the electronics. I still use the first machine, but it's a hassle, as it seems to leak water all over my counter.

Mar 09, 2009
In the top 5 worst products I have purchased
by: Anonymous

Great conversation piece, if you're fond of sarcasm.

It makes (I should say made) decent coffee and looked nice. I stopped making espresso after my second try because its so much harder to clean and use than prior espresso machines.

The manual and settings/buttons must have been designed by someone who doesn't like coffee or at least never drinks it at home. I wasn't used to hearing my wife use expletives until she started trying to read the manual, set the clock, set the timer, keep changing it back from military time, reset it to stay on after the coffee is brewed, reset it not to beep so obnoxiously, etc. It is truly in the top 5 worst products (for usability) we have ever purchased ... right up there with trying to install all your XP software on a new Vista Ultimate PC.

The above 'low opinion' was formed while it was still working. Last night (14 months after purchasing it) the thing completely quit. We are both CPA's so this next part is shall we say 'in lay terms'? Anyway ... I took the bottom off the KRUPS machine only to find that about a centimeter of coffee/water had found its way into the area below the electronics board. There is something protruding down from the board that rests directly on the bottom of the plastic enclosure that has been in contact with coffee. Even though that area has a drain hole, it didn't keep the thing from frying. I figure the same people who designed the manual and settings/buttons decided it would be fine to have unprotected electronics touch the lowest part of a machine that's main use involves water.

So. No matter how cute your spouse thinks this thing would be on her granite counter top, don't plan on using this uh, 'tool' without an adult beverage or prescription medications close at hand.

Mar 06, 2009
Must work for KRUPS
by: Anonymous

I'm glad someone likes this machine. Unless you work for or have stock in KRUPS.

But other than the XP2070 looks cool and the frother works well, my experience and opinions are entirely negative.

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