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Krups AromaCafe5

by jakfrost13

This is an excellent coffee maker for a couple. The pot holds enough for two people to have a leisurely Sunday brunch, but also enough to serve a small dinner party. Plus it brews a pot quickly for fresh refills.

Our first version was the black model, which we preferred since it is not so easily stained by the coffee, but it unfortunately is only offered in white now. That first one lasted us 6 years of heavy use, including one of us working from home for a year and a few times accidentally leaving it on all day while we were out.

Which is also speaks well of the warming plate - it's enough to keep the coffee pleasantly warm to drink but doesn't keep cooking it to give that burnt taste you get from something like gas station coffee. The coffee also doesn't evaporate away to cause a fire hazard if you have half a pot on the warmer for a long time.

It comes apart easily for cleaning and the filters are less prone to leaking/ripping/having grains float out than other coffee pots I've had. The glass pot is not too fancy, but is sturdy and easy to clean. The drip stop for when the coffee pot is removed mid-brew is also better than on other machines.

This is a great little machine and we were really disappointed to have such a hard time finding a new one when we moved. We have a very small kitchen and the market is full of huge machines that just don't fit and would have far too large a capacity for our day to day consumption.

The alternative seems to be the "brew a single cup" models. That just leads to a lot of waiting around for a couple to have breakfast together.

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