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Krups Allegro Espresso Maker

I have loved coffee for a while, and ever since I became a barista at my local coffee shop, I absolutely love making my own espresso drinks for myself and also for my friends and family. I bought myself the Krups Allegro Espresso Maker, and absolutely love it. I am young so I do not have thousands of dollars to spend on fancy home espresso machines, but I still wanted something to make a great Latte with great quality.

This espresso maker is a small, compact machine that conveniently takes up little space on my counter. All I have to do is pour the correct amount of water in and let it heat up a few minutes before I start pulling the espresso shots. I always pull the shots first, and then heat up the milk.

The only option I wish there was for this espresso maker was that I could froth the milk at the same time I am pulling the shots because it would save just a little bit of time. However, that would require more water and more heating time. It’s still overall a fast process. The only other con I have noticed is the fact that the frothing nozzle is so small and skinny that it takes a good few minutes to warm the milk up to the right temperature.

However, the smallness of the tip can also be a positive thing as well because it creates very small bubbles, and a silky, rich foam which is ideal for steamed milk. The required cleaning for the machine is not very often, and there are instructions that explain to you what exactly needs to be done. It is not complicated at all, so there is not much maintenance to the machine except to clean the grinds out and clean the steaming nozzle after every use.

The machine also includes everything you need besides the actual ingredients (of course). The glass bowl is perfect for measuring out the right amount of water for the shots, steam, and the actual amount of espresso. There is also a measuring spoon included so you know how much espresso to add to the filter.

The only thing you will need to buy is the ingredients to finish off your latte or cappuccino, and the steaming pitcher with a thermometer. I found a nice stainless steel picture at Starbucks for a low price. Overall, I am extremely happy with my machine. At a great, low price, I am so pleased with the quality and can make many different drinks every week!

- Fast, good quality espresso machine
- Cheap price -Very easy to use!

- Smallness of frother nozzle can slow down the milk frothing
- Option to only use nozzle/espresso maker once at a time

4 out of 5

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