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Krups 324-42 DuoThek 10 cup Thermal Coffeemaker

The KRUPS’ 324-42 DuoThek features two pots for brewing two kinds of coffee. Each works separately to make either regular or decaffeinated coffee. Consumers living with roommates or family members with other caffeine preferences can coexist peacefully with the KRUPS 324 model.

It also has advanced features such as the deep brew technology and a double-wall stainless steel structure.

Key features

- The two independent brewing systems enable consumers to make caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee all at once.
- The on/off switch is illuminated, making it easy to find and operate.
- If you’re after smaller brewing quantities, there’s a flavor selector for you to operate if you just want to enjoy a cup of coffee.
- Water is heated to an ideal temperature thanks to the Deep Brew technology. The coffee grounds are then blended in at specific time intervals to bring out their rich taste.
- The well insulated carafe and double wall stainless steel interior ensures the coffee is kept warm for a long period.
- Thermal carafes are made of stainless steel and have two 10-cup capacities.
- Power is at 1300 Watts.
- Model comes in black color, ensuring it matches any type of kitchen design and set up.


The separate brew systems are perfect for a couple who never agrees on the kind of coffee they want. It’s also ideal for those who want a little variety or are supplying coffee for a large group.

If you’re planning an intimate gathering or frequently have guests requesting coffee, then this machine will prove to be useful. It can hold up to 16 cups, serving eight cups for each pot. The pour sprout doesn’t spill over and is ideal for accident-prone users.


Unfortunately, the cost may be too pricey for individuals on a tight budget. Its two pot coffee capacity is only useful for a consumer who needs two types of coffee in their household.

The Duothek model is not practical for someone who can live with one specific kind of brew. Unlike other models, this one can’t do smaller quantities. Expect to finish all 16 cups to ensure no coffee grind is wasted.

- Suitable for consumers needing large or heavy amount of caffeine. A good investment for someone who serves coffee to a large family or set of people regularly
- Very large coffee cup capacity
- Can brew two kinds of coffee at the same time, based on different preferences or caffeine tastes
- Sleek and elegant modern black design.

- Overpriced and costs much higher compared to other coffee machine models
- Temperature is not adjustable
- Coffee turns cold easily in both carafes. Heating is not maintained for a long period unlike other Krups models
- Price may not be worth the splurge
- Slow brewing process not suitable for the impatient and those with on-the-go work schedules
- You waste energy reheating the coffee if you leave it out for too long

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Nov 15, 2016
Love this Model NEW
by: Mariann

I have had this coffee maker for 7 years and love it. You can make reg and decaf at the same time. Saves the time when you have a house full of company. I recently dented one pot and am so sad I cannot purchase another. Please advise.

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