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Krups 12 cup

by Conni

I am very frustrated...went to Zellers because they are closing their doors and I thought I would be able to afford a better coffeemaker at the sale price. Krups looked beautiful and had amazing features...the original price...$189...not the suggested $125! I ended up paying $79... Our first attempt at pouring our first cup of coffee...ALL OVER THE COUNTER!!!! It is next to impossible not to make a mess! So here I am googling. Why would a company keep selling a product to its consumers that has been a complete flop for the last 3 years! Why would they have put out a product with such a flaw to begin with! According to the majority reviews, Krups has not been to easy to deal with either! Why wasn't the carafe recalled out of respect to the consumer! Now, I am also worried about the water reservoir flooding my counter now according to the reviews!! Why is this coffee maker still on the market!!!??? Of course...Zellers closing therefore no returns! GRRRRRR! Ready for Krups call on Monday!!!

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