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Krupps mechanical pump espresso machine XP4020

So far I am very pleased with this machine, and would say that it was well worth the money, about $100 plus tax. As I said after being turned off it has leaked a small amount of water onto the counter. This can easily be solved by leaving the frothing attachment pointing over the drip tray.

It brews very quickly even with the finest of coffee grinds and packing them very tightly. It produces a very good crema. The frothing attachment works well and it takes about forty five seconds for the machine to warm up to be able to steam from the brewing setting. Even after repeated use over a long period of time the machine never gets more than just warm to the touch.

The cup warmers on top work well enough but unfortunately are cool until about the second brewing. So you will have to warm your cup up with some hot tap water. I have been using my Krupps for about a month so far, this is my first experience with a mechanical pump espresso machine.

I am very happy to have made the swith from a cheaper steam powered model. No more extremely bitter coffee. My Krupps features a fifteen bar pump, It is slightly noisy at start up but not very. I have not had it long enough to have had to de-calcify it yet, but according to the instruction book it should not be all that difficult.

- Very simple to use
- Makes a good tasting espresso

- Slightly noisy upon start up
- It has a tendency to leak a small amount of water after being turned off

4 out of 5

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