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KitchenAid KCM511OB 10-Cup Programmable

by Vennessa
(El Paso Tx)


KitchenAid KCM511OB
10-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

I adore this coffee maker it is really a time saver in the morning. I can program it to start at a certain time and even what brew strength I want. I don't even have to worry about shutting it off because it will automatically do that in a certain amount of time. On top of it being so practical it is also beautiful, it is onyx blank with a metal control panel. What a beautiful addition to my kitchen it has been. It makes about twelve cups but you can of course put less water to make less and it even lets you pour a cup before it is done brewing. Talk about amazing this is great so if I am in a rush I can pour and go and when its done it will shut off for me.

There isn't any reason to not love this coffee maker at all. It is convenient, beautiful and will last a long long time. Of course there are a few things that could be better for example it could use the addition of a grinder as well. That would be a really good addition that way you could have fresh ground coffee and not have to use two different machines. I have also heard some bad reviews of this machine but as far as I have had it I don't have any problems.

Even if I did I do also have a one year warranty on it so I can either exchange it or get it fixed if it breaks. So far it has given me no indication of it being broken or needing replacement.

As far as reviews on the temperature of the water mine works very well and it heats properly. So far I have only had this machine for about two months so I am having a great time with it. No signs of anything going bad at all and I look forward to keeping it for a long time. Another reason I really love this coffee maker is because it cleans so very easy and for me that is a great plus. I don't have a lot of spare time to be cleaning up in the morning or to dwell on little things.

Since replacing my last coffee maker with this one I have been very pleased. The last one I had was just an off brand and it really did not heat well or work. It was so finicky some mornings it wanted to work others not. I had to get rid of it so I bought this new one at Kohls and have been relieved to have a nice hot cup of coffee before work.

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