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Kitchenaid Java Studio 10 Cup Coffeemaker

by Jennifer
(Etters, PA)


KitchenAid Java Studio
Coffee Maker 10-Cup

About a year and a half ago, my husband and I decided to go with a red and black theme for our kitchen while registering for our wedding. We looked at several coffeemakers, but were completely blown away by the sleek look of the Kitchenaid Java Studio coffee maker in Empire Red.

We found that Kitchenaid's product looked like no other electric coffee maker on the market. It was in a bold red that fit our theme perfectly. The body of the coffee maker was hard red plastic that was styled to reflect a retro 1950's style. We never really expected to receive it as a wedding gift because it was very pricey (about $90). We were very suprised and pleased when we received our beautiful coffeepot!

As we started to use our new coffee maker, we found that it was incredibly easy to use. The buttons to program the machine were very straightforward and it was very easy to clean. Since most of the surface was smooth plastic, a damp rag was all that was needed. The top of the coffeepot was simple to open and water rarely went anywhere other than were it was supposed to go.

My only concern with the Kitchenaid coffee maker was that it made extremely hot coffee! I love a hot cup of coffee, but if the coffee sat for any longer than 30 minutes it started to taste burnt. To Kitchenaid's defense, there was an extremely helpful display on the front that would let users know exactly how long their coffee was sitting on the burner. Still, this coffee maker is excellent for those who only make enough coffee to use immediately. If someone is looking to find a coffee maker that they can drink from all day, this is not the machine for them!

Overall, this is the most beautiful coffee maker I have ever used. It works well, but has a few flaws. For my husband and me, these flaws were not enough to discourage us from buying another Kitchenaid.

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Mar 11, 2010
RED 10 CUP CARAFE java/studio
by: Anonymous

hope you never have to try and find a replacement

Jun 27, 2009
by: Unhappy Mom

My son purchased one for me for mother's day. The water constantly went all over the cabinet!. Sent it back and they had improved the design and no water poured out of it as the other did....but water still drips on cabinet,only not as much as before. Had to end up sending this one back as the gasket came off when sliding the pot back in!. On the third one now and i'll NEVER buy another one!.
They need to stick to making things they're good at and leave coffee pots alone.

Apr 04, 2009
Keeps coffee warm and fresh longer
by: Ken

I bought this coffee maker as a Christmas present (2007) for my wife. She has always liked the Kitchen Aid Series, and was especially fond of this as it came in the color red.

I purchased the coffee maker at Target, during a holiday sale.

I have generally owned Mr. Coffee machines, and have been somewhat satisfied with them. However, after owning this coffee maker for about 6 months, I would not go back to Mr. Coffee or try any other brand.

The brewing of this machine consistently produces a smooth cup of coffee. I believe it has to do with a flat filter basket bottom (vs. the cone shape on the Mr. Coffee machine). The Kitchen Aid is easy to use, to program, and to clean.

I particularly like the seal on the carafe, which keeps coffee warm and fresh longer. The only dislike I have with this machine is the permanent filter. I am not sure of the reason, but when using the permanent filter, the coffee has a metallic (and less pleasing) texture and taste.

Once I stopped using the permanent filter (I went back to paper filters), everything returned to normal and I was happy again. The design of the machine is very modern. The design also makes clean up very easy.

All told, I am very satisfied with the Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker. The machine may be slightly more expensive than a lot of coffee makers on the market, but in my opinion it is money well spent.

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