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Kitchen Selectives 10 Cup Coffee Maker CM802

by April Leanna Oakley
(Machias, ME)

I have the Kitchen Selectives 10 Cup Coffee Maker. It is a cute black model that serves 10 cups of coffee. It's functional and I have had it for over 3 yrs. I got it on sale at Walmart 3 yrs. back for $9.99.

I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on a coffee maker because the one we had broke so I needed a quick cheap replacement for our broken one at the time. The pros on it is that it's small and will fit into any space and has a nice look to it. It is easy to fill with water and is easy to put the coffee in. The finished taste of the coffee is great.

It always delivers a nice tasting pot of coffee which would be the best thing about the coffee maker. Unfortunately there are more cons than pros. The cons are that when coffee is poured-it likes to pour all over the counter surface. I fill the water to the water mark like for 10 cups yet it doesn't make 10 cups.

It's not very pro on wanting to clean well therefor, I know I'll need to buy a new one soon and put this one in storage for backup if needed. It doesn't have many features which is expected for the price. I would have liked it if it came with a coffee grinder. I also wish it came with a non disposable filter.

That would have helped alot. Alot of the time I go to the store and they have the coffee flavor I want but it's in bean instead of ground. But other than the few cons-then for the price I paid for it, then I am very happy with it. So I hope this review was very helpful when it came to the Kitchen Selectives 10 Cup Coffee Maker.

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Feb 11, 2016
HELP! Need replacement carafe! NEW
by: Jonathan


I've looked all over the internet for this exact model coffee maker and found this review. I need the replacement carafe for this exact same model or I will buy someone's used carafe for this model. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thank you.

Oct 12, 2015
Hey everyone I own a Kenmore NEW
by: Anonymous

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Hey everyone I own a Kenmore 8 cup coffeemaker and it make the coffee good but the problem am facing since last week that when it finish its automatically turns off why its turn off anyone knows here ?

Jun 17, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Dec 30, 2010
dont buy
by: Maria Salazar

I have never had a coffee maker that has caused me so much problems. More than three times a week i have to clean up a huge mess to where it runs all over the counter. The frustration level i have goes beyond words. This is the absolute worse product i have ever used.

Dec 13, 2010
by: Jessica

I am on a very limited budget. So, when I saw this 802 model I figured it would work half decent. But that was ok for the price. (I had been using a grage sale 2 cup Maker. I had to brew all day.)I have nothing but good to say about the 802 coffee maker. It peformance is great. And I might add: if you know the coffe pot will run over make less. I drink coffee litrally all day. SO, making another pot is not a big deal. 8 cups (wich is about 4 in my big mug) gets made quite a bit. And the coffe is always piping hot. the reason I am sure of that is: I always drink skilm milk in my coffee(making it healthy).lol A homemade latte. And this milk always brings it to my temp. If it was cold are lukewarm the milk wouild make it icy.

Thanks for a good machine!

Nov 15, 2010
pleased, given the price
by: Dan too

Well, unlike the other Dan, I'm happy with my CM802 coffee maker. I purchased mine on closeout from Blair for $14.99 + .99 cents Fed-Ex shipping.
I had recently tried several brands (Mr. Coffee, Hamilton-Beach and Black & Decker) and was not happy with any of them. All made lukewarm coffee that went ice cold within minutes of brewing. Not only that, all failed to even keep the remaining coffee in the carafes at a usable temp!
Okay, I'll admit this model has its quirks. But for $15, I will gladly overlook them.

The dribbling carafe:
This one is easy. It isn't the carafe's lip that causing the problem, but rather it's lid.
Use the thumb rest to lift the lid a bit when you pour and the problem will be solved.

The poorly marked water scale:
As the other Dan noted, the scale is screwy.
Because of how the water scale is marked on the reservoir, you have to add a bit more water than it would have you believe. IE: 5 cups is actually 4! If you try to add enough for 10 cups, it will come out of the overflow hole at the back!
So taking those two things into consideration, this is actually an EIGHT CUP coffee maker! :^)

Now for some good news...
It makes delicious HOT coffee and it keeps the coffee in the carafe at the proper serving temp!

Okay, I'm done here. Just felt the need to add my two cents worth.

Mar 07, 2009
Kitchen Selectives 10 cup
by: Dan

I bought the same coffee maker. However, my opinion of it is not good. The place where the filter goes, rotates horizontally into place. The hole in the main body for the hinge pin is open to the water resevoir.

If you put the full 10 cups in it leaks out of the hole. Because of the way the filter swings into place it can be pushed over causing a collapse of the filter, coffee grounds blocking the exit hole and resulting in a coffee/grounds mess all over the counter.

The makers idea of what a cup is, well lets just say it's not the same idea I or the makers of coffee cups are. I think it may be the same idea as the maker of the Barbie tea set though. The pot is almost impossible to pour without coffee running down the side of the pot and off the bottom and onto the counter.

I pour it over the sink, and loose part of the supposed ten cups into the sink. I hate this maker with a passion.

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