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Kitchen Aid KCM511ER Coffee Maker 10-Cup

The JavaStudio TM 10-cup brews very rich and flavorful coffee. This is because of the JavaSpa which is the use of a showerhead type of interface to spray over the coffee grounds rather than drip over.


The spray provides an even soaking of the grounds giving you an even pot of coffee with an outstanding flavor because of the uniform coffee extraction.

This coffeemaker also has an 1100-watt heat pump installed in it which allows it to maintain the coffee pots at optimal temperatures.

People like to drink their coffee hot and there won’t be any complaints about how hot the coffee is brewed from this coffeemaker.

This Kitchen Aid coffeemaker is very stylish and comes in a bright red.

This makes your coffeemaker stand out on your kitchen counter with a look of elegance and class. Add an excellent and hip look to your kitchen with this model.

More features this make and model includes are the automatic shutoff and the digital brew timer and clock.

It is nice to know what time it is on your coffeemaker but you can also digitally set this model to begin to brew whenever you want it to.

If you like to have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you right when you wake up in the morning then you are in luck.

All you have to do is add the water, grounds, and set the timer to when you want the coffeemaker to begin brewing your pot of coffee. Most people like to set their coffeemaker five minutes before their alarm goes off.

This way the pot has finished brewing and is ready for you to have your first fresh cup of the day. Even if the pot is not finished brewing you can still enjoy a cup of coffee due to the pause and serve function of this model of coffeemaker.

This allows you to pour yourself a cup of coffee and the machine will stop brewing for a moment so it doesn’t pour coffee all over the coffeemaker while you quickly try to get your cup full.

The reviews on this coffeemaker go both ways. Half of the customers absolutely love this product and the other half had a bad experience.

You will have to make your own decision on whether or not you would like to purchase this product.


People who love this coffeemaker say that it makes excellent coffee and they are happy with how hot the coffeemaker keeps the coffee.
They say the best feature is the plastic spout on the carafe and that coffee doesn’t drip all over the place when you pour yourself a cup of coffee.

Another consumer stated that this product by far surpasses all other coffeemakers in its quality and that they couldn’t be happier after comparing it to several other machines.

Another excellent feature that people love about this coffeemaker is that it has a feature that tells you how long the coffee has been on the burner from the time of brewing.

This allows you to know if you are drinking old coffee or to know how old the coffee is that you are drinking.


Some of the complaints of the coffeemaker are that coffee grinds overflow into the coffee and make a big mess all over the machine and the counter.

Although, this could be due to putting too many coffee grounds into the machine at a time for a stronger pot, this consumer was not happy.

They also stated that it leaks brewed coffee and it continues to gurgle and spurt after it has completed brewing a pot of coffee for about 5 minutes.

If the carafe is removed during this time then coffee will spill all over the counter.

Many people complained about receiving an error code #2 on the display of their coffeemaker and it wouldn’t work for them and they had to send the machine back and have it replaced.

Although, Kitchen Aid was happy to replace the unit immediately, they still received the error code with the new one.

Final Thought

The Kitchen Aid coffeemaker is known to make many people happy with being one of the best coffeemakers they have ever owned. Other owners stated it was the messiest machine they have ever seen.

If you are thinking about purchasing this as your new coffee machine then you will need to decide for yourself.

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Dec 17, 2013
Plastic Taste NEW
by: Anonymous

From the day we purchased this machine, several years ago, we cannot brew two pots in succession without the second and subsequent pots having a very, very strong plastic taste.

I wish we had sent it back and purchased a different brand.

Oct 05, 2013
by: Anonymous

what does error 2 mean?

May 30, 2011

I too have an error2 message and am unable to use the coffee maker.I have been using my coffee maker everyday for the past 4 years!Loved it!cost of repair and then will it send an error2 message again.Has anyone had any luck?

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