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We look at the Kitchen aid coffee maker and what it has to offer.

Kitchen Aid Pro line Series

The Kitchen aid 12 cup coffee maker has the ability to disperse water evenly which helps to brew a perfect tasting cup of coffee. Comes with programmable timer and automatically shuts it's self off after two hours.

Kitchen Aid
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It also comes with 3 carafes for your convenience, a glass carafe, a carafe with a black lid for your regular coffee, and a special carafe with an orange lid just in case you’re a decaf drinker.

This appliance is very durable because it is made of a die cast metal construction. Comes with a full dispersion shower head and heat pump, and is capable of eliminating noise thanks to it’s quiet finish feature.

The Kitchen Aid coffee maker also has a display to tell you how long it has been since your coffee was brewed, so you’ll know when it is time to brew a fresh pot.

It also comes with a charcoal water filter which makes the coffee taste great whether you use tap water or bottled, because it works great with both.

According to the reviews I have read, this product seems to be very satisfying to most consumers, for there have not been many complaints concerning the Kitchen Aid coffee maker.

People are impressed at how easy it is to use and the fact that it makes excellent tasting coffee.

The customer service department also seems to receive rave reviews for backing up the warranty promises they make and acting quickly in response to customer needs.

The only downside to this product seems to be a small handful of complaints from some of the consumers concerning some water leakage from the showerhead and some of the outside finish peeling off.

All in all most opinions are favorable and they seem to feel that the Kitchen Aid coffee maker is a fantastic appliance and have no regrets in their purchase of the product.

Kitchen Aid Proline Series Espresso Machine

The Proline Series Espresso Machine makes it easy to brew your favorite hot drinks, even hot chocolate, with features like the double boiler system.

This is a system in which one boiler provides the perfect temperature for brewing while the other, the perfect steam required for frothing.

The frothing arm moves left to right or up and down for your convenience and there’s an arm designed for frothing the milk.

This product also has an easily removable portafilter system which reduces your chances of spilling or dripping. You can easily move the water reservoir by moving it to the left or right.

Comes with drip tray and an indicator to tell you when drip tray is full, to prevent any spillage. It also has a convenient cup warmer on top which accommodates four to six cups.

Kitchen Aid offers a two year warranty with the purchase of the Pro-line Series Espresso Machine, just as they do their 12 cup coffee maker.

According to most of the consumer reviews, this is a very good, reliable product, and they find it a pleasure to use. With easy to follow instructions even for a novice, and product is easy to clean and maintain.

It is quick to get started and switches from brewing to frothing instantly. The steaming wand is flexible, very easy to maneuver and works well for almost any size of pitcher, you choose to use.

Consumers claim the Proline Series Espresso machine makes delicious hot drinks they find the warming tray an added convenience.

Some consumers feel the location of the reservoir makes it difficult to fill without the problem of spilling, and one customer had a problem with the rail around the warming tray, and feels it is not to stable. It has been suggested that it would be better if it snapped on at the top.

There are also complaints that it is a little too loud, especially towards the end of the brew time.

Kitchen Aid Mils and Grinders

Kitchen Aid Coffee Mills and Grinders comes with simple controls for easier use, a grind size selection so you can choose the right brewing method for your particular taste.

Also available in many colors, which makes it more convenient for matching up with your kitchen décor?

The grinder is preferred for its looks and the way it’s so easy to handle, and performance. But you have to be careful not to put too many beans in otherwise grinder will jam up.

Consumers seem to be impressed by the glass taper that collects the grounds, because they don’t seem to stick like they do with plastic tapers, and enables you to have perfect grounds for your coffee or espresso.

The only real complaint is the bottom container is a little difficult to insert without some force, since it is glass, some consumers feel there should be a caution written on the box to prevent possible injury.

There were very few problems found with the Kitchen Aid Coffee Mills and Grinders.

Kitchen Aid Coffee Accessories

The Kitchen Aid also has its own brand of coffee accessories such as the replacement carafe with interchangeable, made of die-cast metal for durability.

The replacement carafe and the convenient warming plate that you can adjust to the right temperature for you.

It is also the perfect size for entertaining a few guests for coffee, and has a drip free spout and lid is easily removed for interchanging.

This pro-line coffee maker replacement carafe and warming plate is part of an accessory package that also includes a reusable coffee filter, which is easy to use and eliminates the use of the conventional paper coffee filters.

This reusable filter is also very easy to clean. Known for its ability to help produce a very fine tasting coffee.

Take a look at our more detailed reviews below of kitchen aid coffee makers.

Remember, weigh the evidence for yourself, but no matter what product you should decide to buy, always be sure you read the instructions thoroughly before using. And always be sure to look for a warranty.

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