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Kenwood CM375 Coffee Maker

by Nikhil Madan

bullet kettle

bullet kettle

I own a Kenwood CM375 Coffee Maker; I love this machine very much. The Kenwood CM375 coffee maker looks like a bullet; in fact it has been modeled on Kenwood’s market leading Bullet kettle. The coffee tastes great and so easy to use and clean. I was a little put off the price of the pods at first. But when you compare to a take away coffee you're better off.

I was given this machine as a pressure and wasn't so sure I would sure it much. Boy was I wrong. I use it every day and with 2 kids under 3, my morning coffee is quick, easy and tastes fantastic!!

This Appliance is good value for money but the cost of the satchels needs to be considered. Appearance is good and with several colors available, it can blend in with the kitchen décor and also looks good when kept on the Modular Kitchen Shelf.

It is simple and easy to use and cleans up very well as I stated before, something that every busy person likes to hear. I really haven't tried to make a large pot of coffee before, but I would think you would get the same quality coffee with a larger amount. It uses any standard filters for a coffee maker of its size (10-12 cups) - I happen to buy the cheaper ones, but they work just as well.

To be honest I don’t have mush experience with the maintenance of the machine, except the usual refilling of water and other ingredients, but I think that it asks only a humble time to spend on keeping it up and running. In any case it’s worth it.

To end up I shall say that the coffee maker from Kenwood is really very good and useful to me as I am having kinds it gives me great support and the coffee tastes really fantastic.

Cheeeeeeeerrrrssssssssssss to Kenwood

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