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Kalorik CM-25282 1000-Watt 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Aztec Copper

We purchased this coffee maker about 9 months ago for only $20 at MacGuffins in Boulder CO. It was a great price for a 12 cup programmable coffee machine. One of the features we really liked is that the carafe is thermally insulated - which means the coffee stays warm without cooking it to death. The brushed finish is great because it doesn't show fingerprints, and similarly the black color of the base is easier to keep nice looking – important factors for a cooking appliance that is always out on our counter. The price was unbeatable – you just don't see 12 cup models for 20 dollars. It is fairly quiet during the brew cycle. The programmable feature works fine – though I don't use it all that often.

For some reason if you pour the coffee just a little too fast it drips down off the bottom of the carafe making a mess on the counter or floor. Also, although the coffee stays warm it doesn't seem to be as hot as I prefer it.

Rating 4 out of 5

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