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Kaloric CM-20903

by Nicky

I am writing to this review for my coffeemaker. The Kaloric CM-20903 Silver Line. It stands approximately 12 inches tall and has a 6 inch round footprint.

It's sleek looking. White, beige with a silver "ribbon" I've had it for about six months I've discovered a few pros and cons the first I'll cover the pros

The kalorik comes with a permanent coffee filter you can also use disposable filters for convenience. Personally I find the permanent filter more economical.

Even though it has a 10 cup capacity the abitlity to brew smaller amounts is plus. The entire cup area that holds the coffee comes off and can be washed. though I'm not sure if it's dishwasher safe. Great feature....even with filters it does become quite stained.

A definite con is the lack of an auto shut off. Several morning I've almost left the house and realized I forgot to shut it or remembered it was still on hours later. This could be a potential fire hazard. I assume this is the downside of a $20+ coffemaker. Higher end models surely have this feature.

Occioanl when pouring coffee spill or leaks down the side of the pot onto the outside of cup and counter. Not a big deal. It seems like the pour spout was made slightly too large. Perhaps they can change this in the next design.

When brewing, the coffeemaker releases a lot of steam so keep it away form plants, pets, children. Some areas around it may be damaged by heat exposure so I would give it a little bit of "clearance"

All in all I recommend it!

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