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Jura Impressa E55 Espresso Maker

When i bougth this machine in 1997 drinking espresso was not that populair in Holland as it is today. The machine was quit expensive but it was advised because of the boiler pressure, needed to have a good espresso. The machine is quit user friendly it can be used with beans and ground coffee. The heating time needed to prepare a espresso is less then 2 minutes max. There is a 1.5 liter water container which can be easily removed from the machine . The machine can be used for 1 and or 2 cups produced once. Also the taste , less or more water, is easily to install by a rotary knob. This gives also the possibilty to make an ordinary cup of coffee. The machine is also fit out with a steam pipe for heating the milk or tap hot water for a cup of tea.

This machine shows automatically when cleaning is required. 1 program to clean the surpluses from the expresso process for which a cleaning tablet is needed. This program runs fully automatically and takes approx 10 minutes. The other program is to clean the water pipes from the calcium, this runs also automatical and needs scale preventer and takes approx 20 minutes. Next to these cleaning programs ordinary cleaning is required so after approx 15 cups you need to empty the tray and the water basin to. Services is need once in two year and after the machine is serviced, including latest software,the machine is brand new. The normal costs are approx 80 euro and my machine prepared almost 40.000 espresso which is quit remarkable.

- easy in use and very good quality espresso

- quit noisy and price

Rating 3 out of 5

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