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Jeff Gordon Limited Edition HG

by Pete
(Venice, FL)

If you are a fan of Jeff Gordon, then this coffee pot is for you. I bought it about two years ago but have only really used it on a daily basis for about a year. I found it in the department store, Boscov's and could not resist the temptation because I am a huge Jeff Gordon fan. It is special because it has a really cool, sporty racing emblem with Jeff Gordon's signature across the front.

It also has his number, twenty four, on the top and bottom below the heating pad. The majority of the coffee maker is white while the top is a clean and cool blue tone. It's got a simple on and off switch, that does not have an automatic turn off. That is the only downfall to this. You really have to remember to shut it off when you are done.

So far it has been extremely reliable. It does everything that it is supposed to do and makes great coffee now that it is being used on a daily basis. It's also very easy to wash as the coffee pot comes out and will fit in any dishwasher and the coffee grain holder comes out easily so that it can be washed or refilled. It takes standard basket filters which have never been any problem to find in the store and can make up to twelve cups of coffee even though I usually only make about six cups with it.

Compared with other machines, it is right up there with the best standard coffee makers. It does everything it is supposed to and looks visually appealing, especially if you are a Jeff Gordon.

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