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Hamilton Beach/Proctor-Silex Custom Grind Deluxe 80374

I received this coffee grinder as a gift and it is the first one I have ever owned. Because I have limited space on my kitchen counter top, one of the features that I like is the convenient retractable power cord. It saves counter space because I can keep the grinder close to the outlet and out of the way without the cord showing.

I like the three grind settings, which are percolator, drip and espresso, because besides the drip grind I normally use, I sometimes like to have an espresso. Also, although I live alone, I enjoy having company for dinner, so the cups selection is a help when I need to grind enough beans for a large group. The selection goes from one to fifteen cups. The instructions specify that the grinder will only operate in a locked position.

One of the problems I have with its operation is that the plastic cover that fits over the metal grinder holding the beans does not stay in a locked position. The metal base does, but when the plastic top is placed over it and locked, the grinding motion works it loose and the machine stops grinding. Therefore, it has to be held in the locked position while the machine is grinding.

The first time I cleaned the metal grinder, I almost cut myself on the sharp blades. If it is possible, the metal grinder should be made with removable blades, which would be less of a hazard when being cleaned. On a scale of one to five, I would give this coffee grinder a three.

- It has retractable power cord
- It has 3 Grind settings

- The plastic cover that fits over the metal grinder holding the beans does not stay in a locked position
- Hard to clean

3 out of 5

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