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Hamilton Beach programmable 12 cup digital

by LeBell


Hamilton Beach Programmable 12-cup
Digital Coffee Maker

I have had my Hamilton Beach coffeemaker for ten months. I received it for a gift for the holidays. I am very pleased with this brand of coffeemaker.

I like the stylish design; the programmable feature is what it was bought for. I am now concerned though about that feature because it isn’t a very green idea, as any items left plugged in even when not in use, uses energy. But I must say I loved using it before my family went green! The extras on this coffeemaker make the item very convenient. The carafe is wide mouthed and easy to clean and very sturdy, it has taken many a bump.

It is also dishwasher safe.
Even though it takes cone filters, it easily accommodated the mesh cone reusable coffee filter, that came with the coffeemaker it cuts down on the inconvenience of buying filters and having them fall apart in your hands. My water is not well water but is hard water, however, the coffeemaker makes a clean fresh cup of coffee every time.

It also has a brew selector so you can choose what strength of coffee to brew. I also enjoy the fact that the water does not overheat causing very hot coffee at the end of the pot, like another leading brand has done in my experience. Another great feature is after two hours the coffeepot shuts itself off so I do not have to worry if I left it on and I am going to burn up the carafe or start a fire.

My family’s safety is well protected with this product; I would recommend the Hamilton beach coffeemaker to anyone. The coffeemaker itself was rather inexpensive, good coffee and excellent craftsmanship with the consumer in mind.

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