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Hamilton Beach Model 49464

by Patricia Coyle
(Dubuque, IA)

I bought this coffeepot in Feb. of 2011. It has never worked properly. The basket sits in the holder unevenly, and it is difficult to keep it level. It has to be held as the carafe is inserted and in so doing, one never knows if it is situated properly until brewing begins. As a result, the spring device that keeps coffee from spilling on the hot plate when the carafe is removed during brewing often does not stay open during the brewing process, causing the basket to overflow or simply not drain. In addition, the carafe spills on the counter or table when being poured.

Recently, I became quite disgusted and emailed the Hamilton Beach company about this. However, it is reluctant to help me because the coffeemaker is now out of warranty. I'm certain that I am not the first consumer to complain about this problem because it is obviously a design flaw.

Because of my disappointment in Hamilton Beach's customer relations, I will not buy another appliance manufactured by that company.

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