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Hamilton Beach Model #48577/Series #C3801CN

This is a nice coffee maker for the price, we did not want to

put a lot of money into one at the time we bought this one,
and everyone was having sales of coffee makers. So we just
grabbed this one, and it has done a nice job of making good

It's easy to take care of, which is nice, because our old one
a a Mr. Coffee, 4 cups, and we'd had it for many years, but it
finally just wore out.

There's one question I do have, and it is rather simple, but
we cannot figure out how you get the lid off the coffee pot.
It shows it in pictures in the book, but we could not see
how it was to come off, and did not want to break something.
Can you tell us how the lid come off?? It would make washing
it so much easier.

Hope to hear back from you!


Mrs. Harriett Wisecarver
4218 90th. Street
Malcom, Iowa 50157

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