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Hamilton Beach Custom Grind

This Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is just the perfect size for grinding one fresh cup of coffee at a time. It can grind up to twelve cups of coffee at a time and grinds in settings for Percolator, Drip and Espresso.

The removal of the inside grider allows for convenient transportation of the device and the ground product, also provides a safety feature that the inside grinder must be securely locked in place before the machine will operate. Because this machine works on several different speeds, it makes it perfect for grinding almost anything needed-from spices to coffee.

I use it all the time to grind fresh peppercorns and the blades never seem to dull. Has an automatic timer setting so that coffee grinds for the appropriate amount of time, will stop on it's own for each setting or it can be stopped manually by pressing the "on/off" button.

The device comes with a brush to dust out the interior of the grinding mechanism but the machine still needs to be taken apart periodically and cleaned. Although the versatility and convenience of this machine far outweighs the con's, the inside of the machine routinely collects coffee grinds and dust therefore requiring it to be cleaned on a regular basis which can be somewhat of an inconvenience if you are in a hurry.

- Great size for grinding coffee or spices, small canister
- Portability, just plug-in and go ones

- Is too small to grind a whole bag of coffee, only small amount of beans can be ground at once
- Inside of the motor collects coffee ground residue

5 out of 5

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Aug 19, 2015
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by: Breit

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Dec 10, 2009
Flexible to use for Coffee, Espresso etc.
by: Anonymous

- Has multiple settings for a custom grind
- Has nice storage for the cord

- The lid is rather difficult to get on or off
- A bit hard to clean

4 out of 5

I purchased my Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder approximately six months ago. I am very pleased with the quality and price point of my product. I have owned other coffee grinders that cost more that were not as effective.

The Custom Grind was very inexpensive. The grinder is black with a clear lid so it matches my other appliances nicely and does not show stains. The lid of the grinder doubles serves as a measure to grind the appropriate amount of product without waste or guessing.

The bottom of the grinder twists, allowing you to wind the cord up inside of the grinder for nice, neat storage. This is a big plus to keep my counter or cupboard clutter and tangle free. The grinder has multiple settings for a custom grind giving me the flexibility to use it for coffee, espresso etc.

I have also used it successfully to chop nuts and herbs. It is very durable, handy and economic. The only real drawback is that the lid is rather difficult to get on or off. And I would also like to see a product that is a little bit easier to clean.

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