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Hamilton Beach Coffee Station

by Marie

I absolutely love this coffee maker. It has a multitude of features that simply make it a cut above the rest starting with its durable construction, and ending with the ability to dispense a single cup at a time even while still brewing.

The construction of this coffee maker is solid, durable plastic which does not break when dropped, and I drop things a lot due to having grip issues with my hands. The handle on the water carafe makes carrying it from sink to machine quite easy. The brew is fast and delicious, and the design allows you to dispense a cup while the machine is still brewing since you do not have to physically pour anything. It reduces the risk of spilling, and reduces the burns that come from spilling while you pour.

The machine is larger than most traditional designs, but it still fits easily on the back of your counter without taking up too much room. Its burner keeps the coffee hot without burning the coffee, and it is set to turn off at two hours to further preserve the flavor of your coffee. The carafe itself will keep the coffee hot for at least an hour after the heating element has turned off giving plenty of time to drink your coffee at just the right temperature.

The large carafe is exceptionally easy to keep clean as it allows you to reach your whole hand in to scrub it. This is a plus for me as I have large hands that make it difficult to scrub traditional glass carafes with the flip tops on them.

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