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Hamilton Beach BrewStation 48274 - 6 cup

The BrewStation 6-cup Coffeemaker (MODEL: 48274) is a convenient way to make your coffee with its one-hand dispensing feature, efficiently brewing 6 cups of coffee per cycle. A programmable digital clock with automatic shut-off makes sure that you don’t burn your coffee.

The coffee maker produces excellent coffee in a stylish and space-saving design that easily fits on any kitchen counter. For coffee-lovers who do not want to waste one drop of coffee, this model is a good choice.

Key features

- The coffee maker features a programmable timer and a clock.
- It has no carafe, which translates to no pouring and no spills.
- It comes with a removable water reservoir.
- It comes with a well-lit display.
- The heater keeps the brewed coffee warm.


The main advantage is the convenient one-hand dispensing feature. The six-cup capacity is also a benefit for those who like coffee but do not consume large amounts every day. This is good for a two-person apartment or for a household where only one or two people drink coffee, since they do not have to waste a entire pot of coffee on themselves.

The programmable timer gets the coffee maker working as you wake up, and with no glass carafe, there is no risk for broken containers, no pouring and no spills. The space-saving design also makes it perfect for those living in small apartments where space is essential, especially in very small kitchen counters.

Clean-up is also easy because there are no carafes to clean and the filters just need one dump to remove the grounds before a quick rinse.


One of the main disadvantages is that you need to go through three complete cycles when washing the coffee maker. And because it has a 6-cup capacity, this model is obviously not very practical for bigger households with a lot of coffee drinkers.

The design is also another source of irritation for some. The spout is located pretty close to the front wall that it is impossible to fill up a cup or a mug without spilling and making a mess.

The arm that dispenses water is also a bit flimsy and is often the first component that breaks down after several uses.

Some consumers are also disappointed to find out that are no water level marker visible from the outside and that it is difficult to view the clock with no light since the clock is not backlit.

- clean-up is easy
- reasonable height allows it to fit nicely under the kitchen cabinet
- quick brewing time at just 5 minutes
- keeps coffee warm for several hours without any burnt or plastic taste
- programming is easy to use
- user-friendly design
- no carafe that needs cleaning
- tank is out of sight and easy to clean

- brews coffee at a low temperature of 152 degrees (the addition of creamer brings it down even more)
- bottom side of the covers tends to accumulate with fine coffee grounds
- not suitable for bigger households
- plastic arm that dispenses water tends to leak when not placed properly over the basket - plastic arm looks flimsy and easy to break
- hot water tends to run through the coffee grounds too quickly to allow it to steep
- spout is too close to the concave front wall, making filling thick-rimmed mugs impossible to do without spilling
- lid does not close down properly and when lifted, tends to dribble distillation down the back of the machine
- instructions in the manual are incomplete and confusing

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Sep 19, 2013
Really Nice for One Person
by: Anonymous

I brew coffee each morning at my office and am the only one who drinks it. The 6-cup Hamilton Beach Brew Station is perfect! It's VERY easy to use and brews the coffee quickly. The coffee is hot and stays hot while the unit is turned on. Since there is no decanter, clean-up is easy. I used to have a regular drip coffee-maker but I dropped the decanter on the floor of the bathroom while refilling it and, of course, it shattered. A replacement decanter cost as much as this brew station and I like it much better.

Jan 10, 2012
Poor design
by: Anonymous

This is not user friendly. There is no convenient way to fill the reservoir. The instructions are for another planet. I found myself working so hard to get a cup of coffee, I gave up and went back to my dependable perc pot. Clumsy to empty leftover water, just plain a clumsy hunk of junk.

Nov 03, 2011
Brew Station 6 cup / Update
by: CoffeeGirl Since 6

Finally figured out that Target's BS makers are better quality than Walmarts... Who knew ? - Perhaps H.Beach is finally tweeking them - Less water leaks and lasts a bit longer, too.
Beside the usual complaints I previously stated - I can't ignore a "fix it" challange, so...I made the following adaptations to my daily coffee making with this maker.
> 1. If your lid hits the cabinets above - Pop the lid off with a screwdriver and snip flat the 2 tabs on the lid hinge with wire cutters. You'll have to click lid on & off manually - but that solved that.
> 2. Puchased that "As Seen On TV" - Sliding countertop appliance tray. Really helps with the lid problem too.
> 3. The heating elements (2) can be gently scrubbed occasionally with non-scratch "BLUE" pad. But NO SOAP in ANY coffee maker is the RULE ! - Just scalding HOT water to rinse.
> 4. I purchased a plastic camping flask and pre-measured the water in a 1 1/2 cup coffee mug. (1c. brewing) and then I marked the water line w/perm. marker.
Now, I simply fill up the flask to the line and "wedge" it into the "side" of the BS water tank till it empties. (hands free). - The small "bottle" opening & narrowness of the flask fits nicely. No overspills & under measuring your cups.
And finally ...
> 5. FYI: Only the 4c. paper filters fit this basket - so if you desire a permanent filter - Size 4 cup. 6 Cups = 2 Mugs.
Hoping this info helps out - though it may seem over the top, the BS maker still makes a hell-of- cup of coffee 3-4 months out of the year for $30 or less and all you Coffee Efficientatos know who you are !! ~ cmcg ;-)

Nov 02, 2011
Don't Buy
by: Anonymous

Received unit pluged it in and the digital display didn't work. This is a true hunk of junk!!

Dec 11, 2010
BrewStation Dreams
by: CoffeeGirl since 6

Having found the 6c. HB BrewStation ~ I found a coffeemaker that makes delicious coffee, quickly. I'm desperatley seeking an "improved" version and checking the wattage/power. I feel awful compremising the flavor results for the fact that I've been through 3 HB B/Stations and found not all were made the same. Yes...it pees out the dribbles @ finish of dispensing...Yes, it sweats steam around the seams...Yes, it's difficult to clean (who designed all those nooks and crannys ?) and...yes, the heating element and rubber spout seal is going out - but it makes such a good cup of coffee for the money. Ha. I starting using "1c. coffeemakers" back in 82 when Melita was the ONLY mfgt. making them !!!. Usually go thru about 3 a year. Now I'm frustrated that the "Pod" industry has hijacked the 1c. - finally incorporating good wattage and design - but forcing "exclusive pod coffees" and too HIGH unit prices. (1st MC HomeCafe's - I cut my own filters - laborious !) I mix my own daily coffees. Finally Bunn makes a 1c. ~ but I'll have to save 2 wks. wages. Any suggestions to the hottest (temp) best 1-4c. CM for the money ? Coffee is in our veins. ~ cmcg

Sep 15, 2010
Filter hard to find!
by: Anonymous

It's just about impossible to find a permanent filter for the six-cup model. :-( I haven't given up, but I'm just about to.

Mar 23, 2010
Nice small coffeemaker
by: Cindy B

I purchased this coffeemaker last week after my previous one (Mr. Coffee) stopped working. Overall I am happy with this purchase because it was an inexpensive machine and it makes good coffee.

*No carafe to break. Coffee is dispensed by pushing your cup against a large button.

*Makes very good coffee, hot when dispensed. Remains hot and shuts itself off after 2 hours. Very nice for the times I have left for work not remembering if I have turned it off before leaving...

*Programmable timer so coffee is ready when you get up. Very easy to program and set.

*The coffee is very good. It took some adjusting because I was using a 10 cup coffeemaker previously, and had to remind myself to add less scoops.

*Easy to understand set-up. 3 main parts. Filter basket, coffee tank (this is removable and it used as a container to add the water), and the base.

*Coffee taste remains consistent and so does temperature.

*The size is small and compact. Black color with easy to read time and timer.

*No way to see how much coffee is left in tank without opening the lid and removing the filter basket. There is a small metal plate in the coffee tank. If the coffee is gone and it is still turned on, It will leave a small brown burnish bit on the plate. This has not affected the taste of coffee though at any point.

*The cup size is actually too small for me. I have to fill about 3 times a day. Maybe I drink too much coffee,or am just used to larger maker. Would be really nice for someone that only drinks a couple cups a day.

If I were purchase another coffeemaker, it would be another Hamilton Beach BrewStation, but a larger one 10 or 12 cup. I think it would be the Hamilton Beach 47454 BrewStation Deluxe 12-Cup Coffeemaker. That does show the coffee level, has additional programs for different brew cycles, comes with a permanent gold tone filter, and can be programmed to stay on for up to 4 hours before shutting off. More expensive though. The one I purchased is a nice little coffeemaker for the price. I would highly recommend!

Mar 12, 2010
hard to know how much coffee is left
by: Anonymous

Overall I think this is a good coffee maker and I give it 3 ½ stars. It’s easy to operate, makes good coffee, and has some cool features. I like that you can pre-set it to turn on at a specific time. So I can set it all up the night before, and it’s ready when I get up in the morning. And it keeps the coffee warm for several hours, so if I get up late or don’t feel like drinking it right away, it will stay warm. Also like that I don’t need to use a coffee pot, which makes it way easier to clean, and less likely to break since I tend to be a klutz. The only problem with that is that it is hard to tell when you have taken half of it. If my boyfriend gets up first in the morning I usually only end up with half a cup (our mugs are big). I guess it might not be a problem for other people because it is technically a 6 cup maker. I don’t know why I can usually only fill 2 mugs or so. Another downside to the coffee maker is that it’s not quite high enough for all of my travel mugs. If I try to fill one directly I always end up making a mess and burning myself. So then I have pour it into a regular mug and then transfer it to my travel mug, which just creates more of a mess.

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