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Hamilton Beach 80374 Coffee Grinder

 Black Grinder Coffeemaker 15 –Cup Hands-Free Custom-Grind

Black Grinder Coffeemaker 15 –Cup Hands-Free Custom-Grind

The Hamilton Beach 80374 has such an enormous capacity at 15 cups maximum per grind that it can serve up a whole family or a whole small office full of coffee drinkers. There is less or no mess with its spill-free and hands-free features. This sleek, black little number is designed for a longer period of use with its sturdy and sleek finish.

Interior Features
  • The Hamilton Beach 80374 can grind the coffee beans to a fine, medium or coarse texture finish, depending on the user’s particular preference. Each grind is customizable according to your preferred texture, number of cups and taste.
  • Producing delicious coffee can be done in just a few seconds. This is good for getting that cup of joe quickly early in the morning.

    Exterior Features

  • The user can find measurement lines inside the grinding bowl that makes it easy to get the exact amount of coffee in terms of cups. The user can easily get 4, 8, 12 or 15 cups of coffee, as he or she has set. The user can also select among percolator, espresso or drip from the dial grind selector.
  • The grinding chamber is removable. A bonus point is that it is made of stainless steel. This makes the chamber easy to clean and maintain. The particular coffee grinder part can be washed in a dishwasher, worry-free.
  • The cord is retractable, designed for neat safekeeping.
  • The black color provides a sleek, modern look.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 9 inches
    Width: 5 inches
    Volume/Number of Cups: 15 cups
    Weight: 3 pounds


  • The Hamilton Beach 80374 is customizable. The user can easily set his or her preferred texture and number of cups because of the coffee grinder’s precise measurements and dial selections. Because the texture can be changed, the user can add flavors through different types of ingredients.
  • Easy cleanup is possible through neat design, removable and stainless parts and overall precision in design.
  • Grinding up to 15 cups of coffee at a time, this Hamilton Beach model can cut time to prepare coffee for a dozen people or more in half or more. Each grind can also be finished in seconds.
  • With hands-free grinding, the user can tend to other duties while preparing coffee. This feature may also reduce spills and accidents caused by human error.


  • At 3 pounds, this Hamilton Beach coffee grinder is at almost twice the weight of some other models that can store about the same volume of coffee.


  • hands-free grinding
  • removable parts for easy cleanup
  • stainless steel parts for easy washing and durability
  • dishwasher safe
  • large capacity
  • produces 15 cups of coffee maximum at a time
  • highly customizable grinding
  • finishes preparing coffee in seconds
  • precise cup measurements
  • retractable cord creates neat look
  • neat design
  • modern, sleek black finish
  • features help reduce spills


  • a little heavy for a coffee grinder

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