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Hamilton Beach 80344 Custom Grind 15 Cup Coffee Grinder

The first thing that a prospective buyer will see in the Hamilton Beach 80344 is the unique design and the sleek finish. The attractive case is not all that this coffee grinder can offer, however. The hands-free appliance can offer not only looks and convenience, but also customizability.

Interior Features
  • The Hamilton Beach 80344 grinds coffee beans in a fast and efficient way. The coffee drinker does not have to wait long for the pot, whether the maximum 15 cups or a mere 4 cups is required.
  • Because this coffee grinder is specifically a custom-grind coffee maker, users will be happy to get their preferred texture, taste and number of cups per grind. The taste can be tweaked by adding ingredients aside from just the coffee beans.

    Exterior Features

  • Stylishly designed, the Hamilton Beach 80344 is bound to attract quite a number of coffee drinkers. The sleek, black look can easily fit into any modern kitchen. The unique design can become a conversation piece.
  • With parts that are easily removable, this coffee grinder is pretty easy to clean. Easy clean up is equal to easy maintenance. Easy maintenance, of course, is equal to prolonged life. Stainless steel parts add to this durability.
  • The retractable cord makes for easy storage and neat upkeep. It also helps prevent accidents, especially if the coffee grinder is located near a wet area, such as the sink.

    Dimension Specifications

    Volume/Number of Cups: 15 cups
    Weight: 3.5 pounds


    Easy cleanup can make prolonging the life of the coffee grinder possible. When a buyer is looking for a coffee maker or any type of appliance, he or she wants something that will serve him or her for a longer period of time. The Hamilton Beach 80344 is such a product. The sleek, unique design helps it double as a d├ęcor. The blending of functionality and looks helps it become a great purchase. This particular coffee grinder model is indeed a great purchase or a good buy because of its reasonable price. Something that looks like this usually fetches a bigger price tag.


    At 3.5 pounds, the coffee grinder can be considered a heavyweight of its kind. There may be a need to hold it carefully, especially when it is holding a full 15-cup brew. Some consumers have complained about its noisy operation. The noise does not seem to match the sophisticated look.
    Unfortunately, the minimum number of cups that can be prepared at a time is four. This means that those living alone may have to seek another model if they want practicality.


  • easy to clean
  • has durable parts
  • has large capacity
  • unique, modern design
  • promotes neat storage
  • hands-free operation
  • reasonable price
  • can accommodate a max of 15 cups
  • blends looks and functionality


  • cannot produce less than four cups of coffee at a time
  • a little heavy
  • noisy operation

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    Nov 12, 2010
    Hamilton Beach 80344 Grinder
    by: Anonymous

    I just bought this little gem last week when I saw it on sale. It was definitely an impulse purchase but I am so glad I did it. I have been very disappointed in the flavor of my regular ground coffee for some time and thought I should switch to another brand. When I saw the grinder at the store I thought about how much better fresh ground coffee would taste compared to my old brand. What a difference!! I love my coffee again! I always use the expresso setting and I grind the beans twice. I think that the finer the beans are ground the more flavor I will get, but this is just my opinion. I am getting the best coffee I have ever tasted and I wouldn't give up my little grinder for anything. It not only works very well, but it also has very nice features. I like the way I can re-wind the cord. I also think it looks very nice on my counter top with my other black appliances. The three settings allows me to grind my coffee the way I want it. I went back to the store to purchase another one to give to my daughter-in-law and son as a gift but they were sold out. I have searched for one online and have seen others but I think the Hamilton Beach 80344 has the best features for the price.

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