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Hamilton Beach 49970 Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer

This small yet sleek coffee maker is good for those who are looking for the perfect cup of coffee the quick way. It uses Senseo coffee pods instead of messy conventional coffee grounds and produces excellent coffee the right way, minus the long wait.

This personal cup brewer is best for getting a quick cup of java for a busy afternoon at the office. If you are the only coffee drinker in your family, this coffee maker is a good option too.

Key features

- It comes with an 18-pod starter bag of Senseo coffee, with coupons included.
- It has an automatic shut-off feature.
- The dishwasher-safe basket makes cleaning easier.
- Senseo coffee pods are available in varieties of regular, decaf, and other flavors.
- It brews one cup of coffee for every cycle.
- It features a non-drip carafe.


One of the main advantages to using the Personal Cup One Cup Pod Brewer is the convenience when making a cup of coffee. No need to pour in spoonful after spoonful of coffee grounds. Just insert the coffee pod, pour in water, and press the one-touch start button, and you?ll have your coffee in minutes.

The coffee pods for this coffee maker are available online, and you have a starter pack for the first few cycles.

According to users, it also works quietly, which makes it ideal for office or dorm use. And with the small size, you can easily store this on top of any kitchen counter or cupboard without requiring too much space. The model is also surprisingly tough, able to make up to ten cups per day without stopping or overheating.


The main disadvantage is the size. If you are looking for a coffee maker for the whole house, this is not it. For something that only makes one cup of java at a time, you can find a better deal looking for a coffee maker that makes six cups of coffee for the same price.

This also requires pods to make coffee. A better alternative would be a coffee maker that accepts both pods and coffee grounds. Those who are looking for the unique taste of coffee that comes from coffee grounds will not be satisfied with coffee from this machine.

Yet another problem is the small amount of splashing when the coffee is dripping from the spout, which requires you to wipe the base afterwards to avoid coffee stains staying on the base of the coffee maker.

- small, sleek design with its stainless steel accents
- portable, great for office coffee or the dorm
- replaceable coffee pots
- does not waste on extra energy with the auto shut-off feature
- quick brewing in less than 3 minutes
- easy to clean parts and cups
- no coffee wasted if you are only looking to drink one cup
- small carbon footprint
- easy to store
- stable base for wide-bottom mugs

- small, only good for one person
- uses specific coffee pods and not the usual coffee grounds, which can be hard to find in retail stores
- tends to clog up when not cleaned regularly
- no water level indicator
- no removable tank, no built-in grinder, and no variable strength settings
- no sound indicator if the coffee is done or not
- coffee may not stay hot for longer because there is no warming pad and the cup is not insulated to keep in warmth

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