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Hamilton Beach 49854 Programmable Thermal 10-cup Coffeemaker

For coffee that taste fresh and warm for a long time, the Programmable Thermal 10-cup Coffeemaker (MODEL: 49854) by Hamilton Beach is a good source for a tasty pot.

It comes with a one-touch button for drip-free pouring. The pause and serve function is perfect for busy coffee lovers and the stainless steel finish for those who want something elegant in the kitchen.

Key features

- It uses an insulated thermal carafe that keeps the pot of coffee warm.
- It features a programmable timer for waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.
- The pause and serve function allows cups of coffee, even midway through the brewing cycle.
- The automatic shut-off is useful for those who tend to forget to turn off the machine before going to work.
- It has adjustable temperature controls for the perfect cup of coffee.
- It also makes iced coffee, aside from hot brewed coffee.
- It has a large clock display.
- The no twist lid is for easy and instant serving.
- The unit comes with a three-year warranty.
- Instant serving is possible with the push-and-pour lid.
- The 8-12 cup basket-style coffee maker filters.


This 10-cup coffeemaker model has a large capacity and comes with a stylish and durable design. Aside from being not bad to look at with the sophisticated stainless steel finish, the model comes with a no-twist lid that makes pouring coffee easy and convenient.

The digital display is also large and easy to see. The carafe is easy to clean and the whole unit is easy to store because of its compact design.

With its programmable feature, you can set when you want the coffee maker to start brewing coffee, whether early in the morning or in the middle of the day.

The auto shut-off feature allows you to rest easy knowing that the machine will turn itself off if you forget to do so, avoiding the risk of fire hazards or wasting a lot of valuable electricity on appliances that you are not using. The base is also effective at keeping the pot of coffee warm.


Although the steel finish makes the unit look good, it can also be prone to rusting, so you need to take care when cleaning and washing the exterior of the coffee maker.

Another common complaint is that the button controls are too small. The digital display is not that bright, and coffee tends to spill when the carafe lid is not in place.

- stylish stainless steel finish
- large capacity with up to ten cups of coffee for each cycle
- easy to use with simple controls and buttons
- easy no-twist lid makes pouring a breeze without any risk of spills
- can easily be stored in a cupboard or underneath the kitchen cabinets on the counter
- the insulation on the thermal carafe makes the pot of coffee fresh and warm even after an hour or two

- power cord is too short
- spills when the carafe lid is not positioned properly
- control buttons are too small
- the stainless steel finish on the carafe is prone to rust when not cared for properly
- difficult to determine the amount inside the pot because the carafe is not transparent
- the large capacity in every pot may not be the best option for one or two coffee drinkers at home

Comments for Hamilton Beach 49854 Programmable Thermal 10-cup Coffeemaker

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Jul 24, 2014
terrible design NEW
by: Anonymous

I have purchased many coffee makers from various mfgs. but never one with which I was as dissatisfied as with this. Unfortunately your warranty excludes design flaws.
Coffee basket fits poorly and is awkward to insert,
Coffee pours poorly from carafe (coffee "dribbles").
Carafe doesn't empty completely.
Opening in carafe is not proportioned correctly to enable cleaning interior.
Top of carafe is not easily inserted correctly.
Coffee is not hot enough- ever.
I certainly wish I had my money back. I have never before felt compelled to complain about a product. We all know that paying postage to return it just makes me a double loser.

Jan 09, 2013
Buyer beware
by: Anonymous

Our coffeemaker is about 2 years old. The other comments on this website are accurate. Ours has started overflowing onto the countertop. It doesn't pour without dripping (outside the cup) onto the table.

It does brew fast, however, don't count on it to keep coffee hot for over 2 hours. We have always been a Hamilton Beach family, but we will not buy another coffeemaker from them.

Sep 24, 2011
Worst machine I've ever owned!
by: Al

Just about impossible to pour without having to mop up the counter after. Has overflowed on four occasions in the 6 weeks we've owned it. Frankly, I wouldn't wish this worthless junk on my worst enemy! Do these people even test their products???

Aug 05, 2011
I would buy it again
by: Bill the coffee hound

I have had this pot for about 8 months. I love it. looks good. makes great coffee quickly. Keeps it hot enough for about 3 hours, never a burnt taste. I use filtered water and maxwell house french roast most of the time. I flush it with vinegar once a month
for those of you who want scalding hot coffee, get something else.
because there is no hot plate, the plate doesnt deteriote (as a result of a drip from "sneak a cup") yay! but invariably the basket does drip a touch when the pot is removed. typical of most coffee makers.
it completely shuts done when a pot is finished brewing. nice feature
as mentioned by others, it could leak if the pot is not properly in place. also... I tend to leave the pot off as it starts brewing to get the grinds well saturated. this works well, but if you forget the pot too long, it will overflow because the basket output capacity is greater than the pot input capacity.
I used the timer once. yuck. for me, any pot with old water makes bad coffee. I am willing to wait in the morning.
I thought the pot lid would break immediately but so far I am happily surprised.
no rust has developed and it looks as good as the day I bought it.

Jul 21, 2011
carafe lid
by: Anonymous

it appears that water gets trapped in the lid and no way to totally clean out. i started getting stomach aches every morning after drinking coffee and i wasn't sure why? i tried soaking lid in vinager and noticed all the terrible stuff coming out. i read the manual--no mention of this. i threw the pot out and went and bought a regular cofee pot. stay away from this product!!!!

Mar 16, 2011
by: Margaret

I am so disappointed! I took my time when shopping for a new coffeemaker and decided to go with the reliable, trusted, good name brand of Hamilton Beach. While brewing my first pot of coffee (and thank God I didn't set the programmable timer for when I was still asleep!!)the coffee poured all over my countertop and ran down to the floor while I was busy in the laundry room next to the kitchen. My countertop is now stained and I am very sad! Thinking I made a mistake with the lid, I tried again for two more mornings, only to have the same thing happen again. (this time I stood right there and was able to grab the coffeemaker and put the entire unit into the sink. Unfortunately I did not keep the box or the original receipt so I am stuck with an unusable $50.00 purchase ;-{ not to mention my stained countertop! AUGH! VERY SAD!

Jan 22, 2011
False and Misleading
by: Anonymous

This is NOT a 10 cup coffee maker, but rather 7.5.

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