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Hamilton Beach 49754 Programmable 12-cup Coffeemaker

The Hamilton Beach 49754 Programmable 12-cup Coffeemaker is one coffeee maker that is guaranteed to deliver great cups of coffee that are full of flavor. With the pause and serve function, those who cannot wait to have their coffee can have their fill without waiting for the cycle to complete.

With its compact design, this model is perfect for a small kitchen but is not limited to a small group of people. The 12-cup capacity is good enough for a medium-sized group and also ideal for office, dorm rec room, or waiting room use.

The stylish all-black design is perfect for those who are after aesthetics as well as functionality.

Key features

- It has 8- to 12-cup basket-style filters that are easy to clean.
- It sports a compact design that doesn't take up too much space.
- It has a programmable timer and large clock display.
- It comes with a pause and serve feature.
- The two-hour auto shut-off prevents burning the coffee and keeping the machine on longer than necessary.
- It uses a clear glass carafe.
- It features one-touch button controls and digital display.
- It comes with a one-year warranty.
- Its capacity is good enough for a whole day’s worth of coffee.


With its large digital clock display and programmable timer, you can easily set brewing times according to your preference--perfect for that coffee smell when you wake up in the morning or if you want a fresh cup of coffee when you get home.

This model is sleek and sturdy, capable of churning out 12 cups of good, hot coffee in one cycle, according to its users. It is also made of quality, durable materials that do not easily break down after several brewing cycles.

The two-hour auto shut-off is a useful feature for those who are always in a hurry and tend to forget turning the coffee maker off. This reduces the risk of wasting energy on a coffee maker that is turned on the whole time you are in the office.

The large clock display is bright and easy to spot on the bottom of the coffee maker. For initial use, one or two complete cycles will prepare your coffee maker for making the perfect pot of coffee, with no weird taste or odor.


The model tends to drip coffee if the carafe is not snugly placed on the base. Some also repoted that drops of coffee tend to collect on the rim of the base and need to be wiped on a regular basis.

Button controls are also tiny and difficult to manipulate because they are positioned close together. Some have found out that the machine itself tends to break down earlier than other models. Clogs are a common problem if the machine is not cleaned on a regular basis.

- stylish design, classic black will fit most kitchens
- average capacity good for a medium-sized family or a small office
- clear glass carafe is easy to clean and durable, not prone to cracks and breaking
- small footprint and can easily be stored anywhere in the kitchen
- brews fast
- filters are easy to clean

- tends to drip when the carafe or the lid is not properly positioned
- no sound reminder to signal if the coffee is done brewing
- difficult to fill up the water reservoir
- extra care is needed when handling a pot full of hot water to avoid any spills, especially if the pot is full

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Aug 24, 2014
Don't buy. NEW
by: Anonymous

Drips coffee and water all the time from everywhere. Carafe must be perfectly positioned.

May 27, 2012
Just Follow Directions-Use your Brain!
by: Jimbo Arabico

This is a very good coffee maker! First, you have to read the directions, educate yourself on how to operate it, pay attention to what your doing, practice what you learned (use your brain) and WOW!!! It works well and brews coffee! WOW!
MMMM! Brain work good.

Jan 08, 2012
worst coffeemaker ever
by: JJ

the coffee is dripping all over but to the carafe and even after I checked twice the position of the filter. When you want make 12 cups forget it. The most you gonna have is maby 10. Not good at all.

Jun 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

this coffee maker has had problems from the 2 day i bought it! it Doesnt fill all the way fill (to ten i get 4 cups)when brewed and the brewed coffee gets left in the filter!

Dec 12, 2010
Simple and simply perfect
by: Anonymous

Solid, simple design, easy to program, easy to see the clock and lights. Keeps coffee at exactly the right temp; much better than thermal pots.

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