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Hamilton Beach 48463 BrewStation Summit 12-cup Coffeemaker

For those who like a coffeemaker that is stylish and ultramodern, the BrewStation Summit 12-cup Coffeemaker (48463) makes a good choice.

Unlike traditional coffee makers, this model does not come with a carafe and, therefore, does away with pouring or the risk of spills. This model also comes with several brewing options: bold, iced, regular, and single batch options.

Key features

- It comes with a one-hand dispensing feature--no need for a carafe, no pouring, and no spills.
- It has versatile brewing options.
- It has an adjustable auto shut-off feature, which is customizable from 0 to 4 hours.
- It has a programmable clock and timer.
- It has no hot plate to scorch coffee flavor.
- The insulated tank keeps the flavors inside.
- It uses a removable water tank.
- It can brew up to 12 cups at a time
- It comes with a cleaning reminder feature.


There are a number of advantages to using the BrewStation Summit 12-cup Coffeemaker, making it a better option than other conventional coffee makers. With no carafes, there is no risk of spills because dispensing the coffee only requires you to press on the bottom of the tank to get freshly brewed coffee flowing.

You also do not face the risk of breaking glass carafes when you are not using one. When it comes to keeping the flavors in every cup, the machine sports an insulated tank and a keep warm mode that gives you warm, flavorful coffee each time you want one.

Most customers like this feature because it keeps warm and fresh coffee available for up to four hours, perfect for keeping a good pot of coffee going at the office.


When it comes to disadvantages, this model also has a few. One of the most common complaints is that this model has the spout designed so close to the release bar, which makes dispensing messier compared to other coffee maker and models.

Some users also have to tap the top cover to dislodge condensed liquid from the top. If not, the liquid drips down the back of the coffee maker after you open the machine. Another disadvantage cited by consumers is that cleaning the filters can be pretty tedious.

You need to remove several components like the filter, followed by the filter holder, followed by the top assembly then by the bottom pour reservoir--quite a lot for just replacing the filter.

The model also comes with a short electric cord, which gives few options on where you can place the machine. Making the coffee requires several steps, involving pulling out two detachable units, one for the water and one for the coffee and filter.

- no burnt coffee taste even if the coffee sits all day
- intuitive controls, simple buttons
- bright display that can double as a night light
- attractive and stylish design
- can easily fill taller travel mugs
- energy-efficient
- coffee remains hot and fresh for up to four hours
- also makes good iced coffee

- too many parts that need to be assembled and disassembled to make coffee
- disposal of the filter can be messy
- built-up moisture inside the tank causes fluid to spill down the back of the machine
- thick mugs and thermoses are difficult to fill using the dispenser (spout is located so close to the release bar)
- poor finish takes away from the attractive appearance
- power cord is too short

Comments for Hamilton Beach 48463 BrewStation Summit 12-cup Coffeemaker

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Oct 27, 2013
3rd and final NEW
by: CC Bobuck

1st unit quit brewing 1st month, HB replaced (pain in butt waiting for shipment after sending in complaint along with plug) 2nd unit wont brew, seems it wouldn't detect water was added. HB replaced same process as above. 3rd unit works great FOR 6 LONG months. Won't be buying HB products again. Just wish I could find one that doesn't have CRAP CHINESE PARTS.

May 28, 2011
Dispensing does not work
by: Robert

The dispenser is placed behind the dispensing bar so the coffee runs down the back of the dispensing module. Surely there is some fix to this. If not will have to chunk the entire coffee maker.

Mar 11, 2011
some comments on cleaning
by: Anonymous

I'm the one who wrote earlier, the one who got a tray for under the unit. My husband had to take apart the little piece that the coffee flows from and clean it out with a seafood pick. We clean our unit fairly often with a solution of hi-tech lime and hard water remover and found out that while it cleans the inside fairly well, the spout needs to be picked at. A lot of maintenance and I would have just bought a new one, but we just can't spend any money right now. Anyway, that worked and the outflow is much better. Although I still maintain that the outflow should be placed so it sits over dead center over a mug.

Mar 11, 2011
Slow pouring problem?
by: AndreaAnonymous

I loved the coffeemaker at first. After a couple of months the coffee starts to pour out very slow. Hasn't anyone else had this Problem?

Feb 02, 2011
LOTS of spills and drips!
by: Anonymous

We absolutely love the coffee that this brewstation makes and that there is no carafe. HOWEVER I had to get a long tray for the unit to sit on, because of the water coming down the back (just as stated in the "cons" section) and because of the location of the spout - which makes for an awful lot of drips and spills. It has to be one of the most horrible designs. Cleaning the filter basket is hard too - too many parts. The narrowness of where you pour the water in causes water spills on the counter. Also the way the top opens requires you to push the unit far forward on the counter and before I got the tray, drips and spills from the spout location would be all over the floor! We are hoping new models will improve on their design because, as I said, we love the coffee this unit makes, love the keep-warm feature and that there is no carafe.

Aug 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is the 4th brew station I have purchased from Hamilton Beach. I really loved the first 3. They all kept the coffee hot and fresh tasting with a one hand dispenser.

This new model I bought has a lot of production problems which I found on this site after I bought the machine.

The narrowness of the coffee dispenser is one problem, pouring the water in the reseviour without spilling it on the counter is a problem also along with the short cord.

I wish i would have thought of checking out some product information before buying this product.

If this was the first Hamilton Beach coffee maker I had bought it would be the last one

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