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Hamilton Beach 47374 10 Cup Brewstation

The BrewStation 10-cup Coffeemaker (MODEL: 47374) is a stylish coffee maker in black that comes with a programmable timer and a second heater that keeps quality brewed coffee tasting good for longer periods of time.

In the tradition of BrewStation models, it does not come with a carafe but dispenses coffee in the style of conventional water dispensers: you push on the front level with your cup and great-tasting coffee will start flowing through.

Although it is smaller than other models in this brand, the 10-cup capacity is perfect for a family with three or four regular coffee drinkers or a small office.

Key features

- The coffee maker has a programmable black digital clock timer.
- It comes with an auto shut-off feature.
- The second heater helps keep your cup of java warm.
- It has a 10-cup capacity.
- The therma-lined tank keeps coffee warm until you are ready for a cup.
- It is designed with a one-hand dispensing feature.


The main advantage of the BrewStation 10-cup Coffeemaker (MODEL: 47374) is the convenience that comes with the push and pour feature. There is no carafe so there is no need for pouring and no risk of spills, which is perfect for a family with small children.

Clean-up is easy when done regularly, and especially with the recommended cleaners, according to its users. The machine also comes in a stylish black design that is small enough to place on any kitchen counter without taking too much space.


Most complaints stem from the weak design and materials used. Most parts break down within a year, particularly the valve. When it comes to cleaning, the manufacturer advises cleaning parts with vinegar, which is not convenient for most users.

The dispenser lever also tends to be flimsy and easily breaks off. When it doesn’t, the dispenser tends to collect gunk and other debris that require frequent cleaning.

Another disadvantage cited by consumers is that the manufacturer does not offer replacement tanks, valves, and gaskets, so if these parts break down, you may have to buy another coffee maker.

The weak design plus the quality of materials may contribute to the frequent leaks commonly experienced with this model.

When the tank overflows it can reach the back where the electrical circuits are, which can be dangerous. It is also said that the heating unit tends to overheat.

- the 10-cup capacity makes for enough coffee for a mid-sized family or a small office
- stylish design in black
- brews good hot coffee in four minutes and keeps it warm for two hours
- programmable setting is perfect for waking up to a good cup of coffee
- reusable filter works perfectly with the unit and prevents coffee grounds from dripping through to each cup
- takes 2 minutes or less to clean
- good option for the price
- simple and easy to use features

- produces batches of lukewarm coffee that easily becomes cold
- easily breaks down, especially the valves, the dispensing button tends to break easily, either allowing coffee to flow freely from the spout or blocking the flow of coffee entirely
- clean-up often time-consuming
- tends to leak after a few months of use
- need to position the water container just right to avoid leaks
- tends to burn the coffee when the tank is nearly empty

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Jul 04, 2014
About to replace 47374 10 Cup Brewstation NEW
by: Mike

We bought in 2010 and about to replace. So was it a disaster, no. Bought at Walmart for $40.

- We dont use dispenser (get coffee by taking out tank and pouring, just for 2 of us), just a convenience thing.
- At some point found that if we poured in 8 cups of water, it would only brew 6.5/7 cups of coffee!! Eh?? We could see remaining water in back of tank. Got some coffee maker cleaner solution and ran it through a brew cycle. . didn't have that problem anymore
- Final problem is that after brewing we would start seeing coffee on the counter underneath coffee maker. The bottom of the unit was leaking coffee!! Strange, coffee should NOT be IN the base of the coffee maker. Upon further inspection the removable coffee tank was leaking brewed coffee onto the shelf on which it sits, and that was finding its way into the insides of the coffee maker. Great, now internal electronics are being bathed in starbucks every morning.
- Found a replacement tank, after tax and S&H $20. . .
- Decide that 50% investment in a low end coffeemaker whose electronics is now coated with java probably isn't the best idea I've ever had!!!
- Another Walmart trip!!

Jan 25, 2013
not made like they were
by: Anonymous

I just had to throw away one I had for 8 yrs. I just bought this one about a month ago, and it is doing the same thing that the other one did before I had to throw it away. It does not make a full pot, I have to keep turning it off and back on to get it to work. I will be getting my papers out tonight when I get home from work. It should not be acting up a month after I bought it.

Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Bought my brewstation two months ago ,it shuts off after making almost two cups.Never again,must be a flaw and they should all be replaced for free with or without receipt.

Oct 16, 2011
tired of weak coffee
by: Anonymous

I give my brew station 3 stars only because it has never leaked, even after a year. That seems to be a common complaint. The valve needs to be rinsed after each use.
My problem with the coffee maker, is that because the built-in carafe is plastic - the coffee produced is made to come out less than hot. You need boiling water to produce a good cup of coffee, and this machine just doesn't do it.

Sep 13, 2011
Will never purchase again
by: Anonymous

I have to say I was excited when I bought my first brewstation. I love the convience of not having a glass carafe to deal with. However I am now on my third coffee maker. There is a flaw in the button where the coffee comes out. All three of my coffee pots have had this problem. I will never purchase one of these again. My sister has had two of them herself, and she has had the same issues.

Jun 22, 2011
Four years-good for a couple
by: Anonymous

We bought this coffe maker when we were first married, and only the two of us. Many people comment on the good coffee it makes. The cons to this is if you have company over, they have to get up and get their own coffee one at a time. Also i have low cupboards in this house and it doesn't fit under them. It has recently just started to make coffee very slow. It takes about 10-15 minutes for 8 cups...which is a hassle if you are in a hurry.
I have not had any problems with it breaking down. I find it easy to clean, the vinegar works the best..and i have hard water.
Over All i find it a good coffee maker for a couple, or someone who doesnt drink a lot of coffee.

Jun 07, 2011
Never Again
by: Anonymous

I bought this brewstation nine months ago and it stopped working a little under a month ago. We made a pot of coffee, went to make another and it just didn't do anything. I have bought coffee bots for $10.00 before that lasted for years, I expected this one to last at least a year. And of course, it died in the middle of the month when I had no money to replace it. As it is still under warranty, I will replace it this time, although I don't understand why I should have to pay shipping and handling for a defective product they made. I do know that next time I will purchase a different brand, or at least a cheaper coffee pot.

Apr 04, 2011
Worked till the dam plastic broke on dispenser
by: Fred

It worked geeat for the 25 times I used it .Then the control for the despenser on the bucket broke . Do you offer replacement buckets ? Fred Reply to littleblueford@hotmail.com I`m not holding my breath that you will .

Mar 22, 2011
Why bother to build it.
by: northern wolf

Of all the coffee makers of the brew master type that Hamilton Beach sells I truly don't understand why they even invested to money to build this one. Every single aspect of this one is bad to worse.

Dec 20, 2010
my absolute favorite
by: Anonymous

- it has a convenient press and pour dispense system
- has a 10-Cup reservoir
- has automatic shut-off after 2 hours

- it does not have a carafe or pot to carry around to refill other people's cups
- it becomes stained with coffee

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker is my absolute favorite. It is the best way to have steaming hot coffee without the coffee getting over-heated and stale. The dark chocolate brown color goes with pretty much any kitchen decor. The sleek design is very attractive too. The digital clock allows you to preset your coffee maker for a later time.

The two things I like most about the Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffeemaker is that it has a convenient press and pour dispense system. Where you put your coffee cup up to the dispenser and it fills your cup with very little pressure. Secondly, I really like the 10-Cup reservoir that allows you to see just how much coffee is in the maker. The automatic shut off after 2 hours is also a very nice feature, so it doesn't matter if you forgot to shut it off before leaving the house. It does it, itself.

The only real drawbacks to this maker is that it does not have a carafe or pot to carry around to refill other people's cups. That can be really annoying when you have company. Sometimes when someone who isn't familiar tries to use our maker, they push the dispense button before their coffee cup is completely underneath, causing a big splash on the counter. That's not very pleasant and can be dangerous. The other big annoyance is that while the viewable reservoir is nice, it becomes stained with coffee because of the direct contact with the already made coffee. It's worth the drawbacks in my opinion.

Nov 08, 2010
my opinion
by: Anonymous

i do not know why brew station doe not have top rating. i bought one of these when it first came out and it just stopped working last week. this coffee maker lasted longer than mr. coffee and bunn (2 of these). the only thing is they no longer make white and i refuse to start my morning looking at a black coffee maker in a white appliance kitchen. i called hamilton beach and no reason for this dicision (probably young executives that don't even drink coffee). sad to say i guess i'll have to go back to the old pot type.

Mar 23, 2010
Easy to use, reliable!
by: Kristin Ruyle

I have had my Hamilton Beach 10 Cup Brewstation coffee maker for almost a year. So far, I love it! The entire unit is stationary so there is no hot carafe to carry around in order to pour coffee, and no glass pieces to break. And no coffee dripping from the machine when you pick up the carafe.

Making coffee in it is very easy also, although it is not difficult to make coffee in most coffee makers. The timer is great and reliable, and it is wonderful to wake up in the morning with coffee already made! The machine itself is very easy to use and pretty self explanatory. It dispenses coffee cleanly with little mess or clean up, and no hot plate to worry about.

It has even survived a long cross-country move and is not worse for the wear, which tells me it is pretty durable. It looks sleek sitting on the counter, and is not nearly the eye sore some coffee makers are. The only downfall is it is slightly more difficult to clean the inside, but really not too bad.

I paid about $40.00 for the unit at Target, and after several disappointing models previously, this one has truly been as good as it gets without breaking the bank. I would, and have, recommend this machine to my friends.

Jan 18, 2010
good concept, weak coffee
by: gearnoise

I bought the 47374 based on a Consumer Reports review of the 47454 and 47686 models. I was replacing an old Cuisinart which we loved but on which most of the plastic parts had broken. After two tries at making good coffee, I returned this and ordered a new Cuisinart. The "only" problem is it makes weak, tasteless coffee.
First, the instructions say to only use 3/4 Tbsp per "cup", so like a fool I filled the container to the 8 cup line and added 6+ Tbsp coffee grounds. We both agreed that that was a mistake! So I made a smaller batch of 4 cups with 4+ Tbsp (same ratio, same coffee we use in the Cuisinart). This brew also was weak and flavorless.
This model has no "1-4 cups" setting nor brew strength dial. Perhaps (?) the more expensive models with these settings would do better, but for those prices I can (and did) get a Cuisinart which I already know brews great coffee.

Dec 10, 2009
Keeps shutting off
by: marie

Just picked up this coffee maker in September but having some difficulty with it shutting itself off even before it has brewed even 2 cups . Unfortunately we seems to have misplaced the the instruction booklet.

The machine has had a vinegar and water treatment to see if possibly the water we were using ((although filtered)) might have been causing some scales thus being the cause of the early shut off.

Dec 08, 2009
sometimes a little burnt
by: Anonymous

This coffee maker is black and silver. It makes about 10 cups of coffee. I am extremely satisfied with this coffee maker because the coffee tastes great. I also love that the coffee maker does not come with a decanter. I have always wanted a coffee maker without a decanter and I finally found it in the Brew Master.

PROS: What I like about this coffee maker is that I can dispense the coffee directly into my mug. I do not know how many times I have broken decanters. I measure how much water I will need with my mug and pour that amount of water into the coffee maker. Another thing I like about this coffee maker is the fact that if coffee drips it does not fall on my counter but on a little dish. I can remove this little dish and clean it easily.

CONS: What I do not like about the coffee maker is that if I leave the coffee in there to long it tastes burnt. No coffee addict would like to drink burnt coffee. I also dislike that the container that holds the water gets stained & starts to smell moldy. I clean this area as much as I can but it is difficult to get the stain out.

I would have to give this Coffee Maker 4 stars. I don't give it a 5 because of the burnt taste I get when left in the coffee maker to long & the mold that starts to build up.

- It can dispense coffee directly into the mug
- It can be clean easily

- The coffee taste burnt if left in the coffee maker for an long time
- The container that holds the water gets stained & starts to smell moldy.

4 out of 5

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