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Hamilton Beach 47221 Brewstation

The one hand dispenser really grabbed me on this one. It was great at first, though the size of it was a little daunting for my little kitchen and the lights and buttons confused me in the mornings. Here comes the bad part.

Cleaning! I should have bought the black one! I thought the removable tank was cool at first but it was quick to stain and required lots of washing.

While I was washing it one day it slipped out of my hand and hit the edge of the sink and the tank broke!

I was a little sad to see it go. I had been using it for a whole four months. I decided to go with another machine that had a thermal carafe...the Brew Station was great for fresh coffee and I could not go back to glass.

All in all, the concepts for the Brew Station were great. The machine itself was a pain and broke too easy.

It was also sort of expensive. It tended to collect a mess in front of the little grill area and it would have been better if they made it a little bigger and had a place for you to put a spoon. Maybe one day I will give it another go if I pass by it in Target and notice it is made better.

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