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Hamilton Beach 47214 BrewStation

by Lynn
(Beachwood, NJ)


Hamilton Beach 47214
12-Cup BrewStation

I received this coffee maker for as a birthday gift from my son and his wife. I was a bit skeptical as to whether it would make as good a cup of coffee as my older one, but was pleasantly surprised. The coffee tastes fresh longer than my old machine, and never has a scorched taste. Also, since there is no burner for coffee to drip on, my kitchen is always filled with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and never reeks of burnt coffee that has dripped from the removable pot. Since there is no exposed burner, I feel this product is a much safer alternative to traditional coffee makers. Another feature that makes it safer for use in my home is that there is no glass carafe.

I never again have to worry about bumping the pot against cups, the counter edge, or even the bottom of the coffee maker, causing it to crack. The automatic shut off is a wonderful feature! I never have to worry whether i remembered to shut the coffee maker off and will never again have to scrub a pot that has burnt, dry coffee inside it. The BrewStation Looks very nice sitting on my counter top. Very sleek and modern looking. Some features of the machine make it very convenient for me to use.

I love the one hand dispensing. The fact that i can make anywhere from 2 to 12 cups, depending on how much i need to make at once, is surely a plus. Even though there is no clear glass, I can see exactly how much is left in the pot through a sleek plastic window one the front of the coffee maker. There are, however, a few things I would like to see done differently on my coffee maker. I wish that there were an option to pivot the lid open to fill the machine.

Sliding it out from under my cabinets is an ordeal because the little rubber feet try to grip the counter. This makes my coffee maker bounce and im afraid over time it will become damaged. It would also be nice, and much safer even for households with small children, if there were a switch somewhere to allow the dispensing button to be disabled. My grandson loves to sneak a push on the button and watching coffee flow out.

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Aug 17, 2016
coffee heats up but wont brew NEW
by: Anonymous

any help i love this coffee maker and would like to know how i can get it fixed plz help suzie_q_2001@hotmail.com

Aug 22, 2014
Solution to early shut off NEW
by: Anonymous

The solution to the brewstation shutting down when there is water still in the tank is to clear the "drain" at the very bottom of the water tank. When clear, you should be able to see a very small ball. Mine was orange. Once unclogged, the water in the tank is able to flow freely to the heater.

Jan 10, 2012
unstable heating
by: Anonymous

it shuts off halfway thru the brewing and has to be restarted. after one month of use it now requires 3 restarts to brew one pot of coffee

Nov 14, 2011
Have use 10 & i2 cup
by: Anonymous

Like the concept of filling the cup with one hand.I'm disabled an it made it easy not having to pour coffee. But I had the same problem with both coffee makers after having them for about 6 month they started to leak around the dispenser button. The gasket on the inside of the container doesn't close all the way an coffee ran out all over the counter.Tried too replace the gasket but it didn't work,still leaks.Wish they could fix this.Going to look for something else.

Nov 10, 2011
Liked but???
by: Anonymous

I like this coffeemaker but u can't see how many cups u have left after it is perked and it just started to leak and then again it also was only dispensing a trickle and took too long to fill a cup and this is only 8 months old or so. I am skeptical if I should get another one or go with a different brand totally.

Aug 28, 2011
Cold Coffee
by: Lloyd

Coffee is not hot. This coffee maker will not give you a good HOT cup of coffee. I think water form a tap is hotter than the coffee from this machine

Jun 27, 2011
ok but....
by: Randy

have had 3 of these. makes good consistent coffee. the first died after 3 months. HB replaced it no problem. the next one lasted over a year with no problems until it died. bought a new one and it leaked from the dispenser from day 1. replacing the washers provided was no help. moving on to something else. also the water filter is not readily available with replacments which is necessary where i live with extremely hard water

May 07, 2011
by: Anonymous

I feel it is very satisfactory! I like not having to worry over a pot to clean!

Oct 20, 2010
Cut the drip horns off.
by: Anonymous

This is a good machine; we use it in the office for over a year now and have not had any problems.

The only minor issue were these little horns beside the pour spout of the water bucket. I call them 'drip inducers' as they appear to do nothing but induce water to pour all over the place. I cut those horns off and now the water pours directly into the reservior.

It would be an improvement if the sight glass were actually glass, then it wouldn't permanently stain.

BTW, we replaced the previous model of this unit with this one.

Oct 16, 2009
I love My Hamilton Beach Brewstation
by: Anonymous

- Makes twelve wonderful cups of CAFFEINE!
- Easy to get coffee out NO CARAFE!
- Easy to program Bright green display screen Auto shut off after two hours Looks great with my other appliances Heat pad inside containment area keeps coffee the right temperature

- Condensation forms at the top of the machine and stays there.
- It doesn't evaporate! And then, the next time you go to brew, that water gets everywhere.
- No external way to se how much water is getting put in the machine The heater inside the containment area gets awfully dirty looking Ways to improve: Would be nice if it had a reusable filter and some form of grinder.

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station is a 12 cup, carafe-less coffee maker that is made out of stainless (though not fingerprint-less) steel and black plastic. Using the tank that eventually holds the brewed coffee, you measure out how much water to use. Then you pour this into the machine, place in a filter and grounds, and push start. There is no carafe.

Instead, the coffee is stored in a containment area in the machine and is accessed by pushing your cup against a silver pedal that dispenses the coffee. This feature is awfully handy for those of us guilty of breaking glass carafes. This machine features four buttons: Start, Program, Hour, and Minutes.

This makes using this coffee maker extremely easy. It also comes with a little "coffee catcher" for any drips or spills you might create while filling your cup and a coffee machine cleaner sample. I do not really mind the detractors since the machine is so wonderful overall. If you get one, I am certain you will love yours as much as I love mine.

Apr 04, 2009
Not ideal for just one person
by: Tara

I received this coffeemaker as a gift for Christmas. It's great when we have a large number of people over, because it makes a LOT of coffee. Being the only coffee drinker in the house, it's not ideal for just one person.

The coffee gets bitter when it sits, and partial pots just don't seem to keep the same flavor as a full pot.

It is very difficult to clean, as the resevoir is large. The clear plastic discolored very quickly, and is stained. No amount of or frequency of cleaning has fixed that problem.

I also found that when brewing flavored coffee in the pot, the flavoring and smell will permeate the plastic lining of the reservoir.

Having a toddler, it's been a great convenience when he won't let me put him down, because I only need one hand to fill my coffee cup! I'm an avid coffee drinker, and one of those people who drink it 24/7. So, I depend on my coffee, and my pot gets a workout!

In the future, I think I'd be more likely to buy one of the ceramic pots, but this one is great for now. It serves the purpose, and as long as I drink the pot quickly, I'm good to go!

Apr 04, 2009
Love the safety shut off feature
by: Erica G.

My Mother and Step-Father were actually the first ones to purchase this coffee maker. They would have my husband and I over for coffee, and would rave about how wonderful the machine was. So, naturally, my husband and I decided to buy one and check it out for ourselves.

We have had our coffee maker for a couple of years now, and it's still one of our favorite appliances. The Hamilton Beach Brewstation makes up to 12 cups of coffee, or less if desired. It is not a bulky model, and fits perfectly on our small countertop. We bought it in black finish, but I am fairly confident they offer other colors such as white and silver, if desired, to match any kitchen decor.

We don't have to deal with pouring our own coffee from a pot, we just go right up to the coffee maker, and put the cup against the silver push button, and coffee comes out! The design is similar to a soda dispenser at a restaurant. We never have to worry about spills or a shattering carafe pot.

We love the safety shut off feature- after 2 hours of being left on, the coffee maker will automatically turn off. This saves us a lot of anxiety on those mornings when we're rushing out the door, not remembering if we have shut off the coffee maker or not.

Making the coffee is simply and easy, it's made with water, grounds and a filter, just like most coffee makers do it. But I must say that our favorite part of the Hamilton Beach Brewstation is the flavor of the coffee when it is brewed.

We have never experienced burned coffee, it has always come out perfectly fresh and delicious. We have had company over, and they have remarked about how wonderfully tasting the coffee is, too. And the machine has a double thermal insulation layer, that enables coffee to remain warmer, and fresher longer. Washing the model is easy, it's wipe-front and back, and the inside filter holder and coffee base snap right out to be washed in the sink!

All in all, my husband are extremely satisfied with the Hamilton Beach Brewstation. We will definitely go out and purchase another one when the time comes- but ours has been holding up perfectly for so long already, we don't need a new one yet.

For the quality of the coffee, and the convenience and size, we felt that the price was just right, and Hamilton Beach did their job right making the PERFECT coffee maker for every American family.

Apr 04, 2009
Cleaning it is really easy
by: Christi

My darling husband purchased this coffee maker for me for Christmas a few years ago and it has been one of my favorite presents. He’s military so he got a good deal at a Pre-Christmas sale at our local Navy Exchange store but I’ve also seen it in other major discount stores. No need to fumble with aiming for that coffee cup while still trying to open your eyes.

The coffee dispenses from the bottom of the carafe by pressing the button below the carafe. So, you can fill your cup with one hand while groping for the sugar with the other. Let’s face it, who is really up to the task of pouring from a traditional coffee carafe when they just woke up and need that first bit of caffeine to even be remotely human? I know that usually ends up with me cleaning up the counter afterwards with paper towels.

This is where the BrewStation has all the “regular” coffee makers beat hands down. Another big plus is no more glass carafe to possibly break when washing it in the sink. So, if you’re clumsy, like I am, that’s a big relief. Also, as part of the BrewStation’s design it incorporates a metal plate in the bottom of the carafe that sits on the warmer to help keep coffee warm for an extended amount of time without burning it. There’s also an automatic cut off after two hours so leaving it on is not a big deal either.

The carafe is actually completely open at the top and you put the coffee filter basket on the top of it so cleaning it is really easy too. It also included an extra replacement gasket which is nice to have on hand before you need it.

My model comes with a timer which to me is a necessity on any coffee maker, that way you can prep your coffee the night before and wake up to a fresh brewed pot. This is definitely the best coffee maker I’ve ever had and I would recommend it to anyone, even if your old one works fine.

Apr 04, 2009
Great-tasting coffee
by: Carol V

I am very pleased with my Hamilton Beach BrewStation coffee maker. If great-tasting coffee is important to you, this coffee maker is an excellent choice. The BrewStation has a completely different design than typical coffee makers.

Instead of brewing the coffee into a glass carafe, the coffee is stored in a thermal holder built right into the body of the machine. This double-walled thermal holder keeps the coffee hot, but not so hot it is undrinkable.

The coffee is then dispensed not by pouring, but by pushing an individual cup against a button. The beauty of this design is that there is no hot plate to burn and scorch the coffee. Because of this, the coffee keeps its initial fresh brewed taste and never develops that horrible burnt coffee flavor.

I like to sip my coffee slowly. With this coffee maker the coffee tastes great for hours. You can brew any amount of coffee from 2 cups to 12 cups, and the flavor is uniformly excellent. It is also programmable and has an auto shut-off feature. I find it very easy to clean too. This Hamilton Beach BrewStation is actually a replacement provided to me by Hamilton Beach when my first BrewStation stopped working. I like the concept of this coffee maker so well though, that I would still recommend it to anyone.

In addition, Hamilton Beach has made several improvements to the design which make it seem as though this will be a more durable and long lasting machine than the model I previously had. The older model had a gasket near where the coffee left the thermal holder that tended to become dislodged, causing the coffee to leak out. The new gasket cannot become dislodged. I appreciate that Hamilton Beach stood behind their product and replaced my broken coffee maker and that they have improved the design as well. If you want a really good cup of coffee, this would be a great machine to try.

Apr 04, 2009
The pros outweigh the cons
by: Katie Kenig

I'll admit it, I can be rough on a coffee maker. I love my coffee, and drink it daily. Working from home means I need a machine that can stay hot, keep my coffee fresh for hours, and (since I'm the only one drinking it) not turn it into sludge.

I thought it was impossible to find a coffee maker that I'd be happy with, until 2 years ago, when my husband surprised me with a Brew Station for a Christmas present. This baby is amazing!

The enclosed nature of it keeps my coffee hot for hours without it getting thick or disgusting. It has a handy timer if you want to set it up to brew the night before, and is compact and attractive on the counter.

There are a few negatives to the machine. I'm forced to use a small, "standard" size mug instead of the taller ones I prefer (and travel mugs are out of the question, you have to dispense into a small mug, then do a juggling act over the sink to pour from one mug into another. Using a glass measuring cup makes this easier, if you have a small one). Also, it uses flat bottom filters instead of cone filters, which can make for a weaker tasting cup of coffee unless you use stronger flavored beans or more ground to the cup.

The pros, in my opinion, outweigh the cons. The one handed operation makes it easy to use when multi-tasking, and I find cleanup much easier than with a traditional coffee and "pot" system.

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