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Hamilton Beach 47114 Brew Station A30

I own a Hamilton Beach Brew Station A30, model 47114. It is a wonderful product. I first saw a Hamilton Beach Brew Station when my husband and I were visiting our daughter in Michigan. She owned one and my husband and I just had to have one. We bought one right after we returned home.

That was over two years ago and our Brew Station is still working perfectly. It brews 12 cups in approximately ten minutes. I use it at least once, sometimes twice a day. The Brew Station came with an extra seal, which I have not had to use yet.

It uses the standard, inexpensive filters, so it is not an a big expense to buy filters. I clean it once a week, with white vinegar and water, because of everyday use.

It is the easiest coffee maker to clean. My coffee is never bitter and it doesn't get that nasty burnt taste, as with many standard coffee makers. I like the fact that the coffee container does not sit directly on the heating plate, as with other coffee makers. I enjoy the one hand dispenser. I can just put my cup under the Brew Station and with a simple push, have a cup of coffee.

I don't have to worry about dropping the pot or spilling coffee, while filling my cup. My Hamilton Beach Brew Station has a two hour timer, which automatically shuts the unit off.

It is wonderful because I know if I accidentally leave it on, the timer will shut it off, automatically. This is a very nice feature. I would definitely buy another Hamilton Beach Brew Station coffee maker when I need to replace the one I now have.

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