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Hamilton Beach 43253H Ensemble Automatic Drip

The Ensemble 12-cup Coffeemaker (43253H) is a stylish coffee maker in red and stainless steel lining that makes 12 great cups of coffee per cycle. It comes with washable components that are easy to take apart and reassemble.

The automatic shut-off system also removes all worries about forgetting to shut off the coffee maker when you are in a hurry. The automatic pause and serve features allow you to pause the brewing for an instant cup of coffee even in the middle of the brewing cycle.

Key features

- It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in 8 minutes.
- It comes with a programmable timer.
- It features a 2-hour auto shut off.
- It has an auto pause and serve feature.
- It has a non-stick keep-hot plate.
- It comes with a removable water tank.
- It has a durable non-drip carafe and easy-to-read digital display.


This is a very attractive and stylish unit that is perfect for a stylish apartment, with the red color of the unit adding a good splash of color in any kitchen.

The clock and the timer makes it easy to have a pot of coffee ready in the morning. The 24-hour programmability allows you to set the coffee maker to brew on your desired time. Users have also noted that coffee also stays warm for longer with the keep-hot plate.

The unit is very easy to clean, just lift the basket and give it a rinse. And because of its small and portable design, this coffee maker is perfect for apartment owners who have limited space in the kitchen.

The non-drip carafe is very durable and is designed to keep drips and spills at a minimum. Most customers like the fact that the carafe is strong and durable, unlike other breakable coffee maker pots that tend to crack at the slightest pressure.


The main disadvantage is the cheap plastic component that lines the inside of the coffee maker. It tends to leak into the coffee and affect the flavor.

Bad-tasting coffee is perhaps the main complaint among those who bought this coffee maker. You may be required to run several trial pots before you get a coffee pot that tastes like regular coffee. Some never like the flavor that comes out of this coffee maker, and some users complain that with the strange flavor, the coffee maker may not be producing safe drinkable coffee.

The coffee also doesn’t stay very hot because the carafe is not insulated, even with the non-stick heating pad, so it is a good idea to only heat up the coffee maker when you are ready to drink a cup of coffee on the spot.

- very attractive accent to any kitchen with its bright red color and stainless steel finish
- very easy to use (controls are user-friendly)
- two-hour timer is good for those who tend to forget to shut off the coffee maker
- easy to clean and weighs light, with removable parts that are easy to take apart
- non-drip carafe is perfect for keeping messy drips and spills away

- first ‘drinkable’ pot of coffee may taste bad (you need several more cycles to get the first palatable pot)
- made with low quality plastic that tends to affect the flavor of the coffee
- coffee pot is not insulated and does not stay hot for long
- short electrical cord
- plastic handle tends to be slippery and not very ergonomic
- distillate tends to form on the stainless steel accent on the front

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May 22, 2012
Best Coffeemaker Ever!
by: Linnie

I have owned this coffeemaker since 2007 and it still works great! I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I especially "love" the carafe! It's the only one I've ever owned that doesn't leak when you pour. I agree that the 2hr shut off can be annoying for those of us to like to drink coffee off and on all day and also when you have a group of guests over. But it's a great safety feature that I think most coffeemakers have to have now. I hope they keep this one around for a long time.


Mar 23, 2010
overall great
by: Allison

I purchased this coffee maker from Target about a year and a half ago. When I first received it, I noticed that the chrome strip in front that says "Hamilton Beach" was upside down. This does not affect the coffee maker's function at all, but it looks a little strange with the words written upside down. For the $40 I paid for it, I would like it if it wasn’t upside down. However, I didn’t see the need to send it back as the maker itself works well.

The red and chrome combination makes the coffee maker a bright addition to the kitchen. The red was a little brighter in person than it was on the website, but it is still a nice red that isn’t too dark or bright. I have been using this coffee maker every day since I bought it. I have not had one problem with it. It turns on and brews as it should every day.

It features a clock and timer so it is very easy to have coffee ready in the morning when you get up. The clock is easy to set using the buttons set on the front of the machine.

The coffee maker also features a 2 hour timer which can be irritating at times. After two hours of being on, the coffee maker will shut off. This would not be a good feature for those who enjoy drinking coffee all day, but it would be good for those who tend to forget and leave it on after leaving for work.

The coffee maker is very easy to clean. The basket inside lifts out easily which makes it easy to clean when needed.

Overall, I would recommend this coffee maker. The only complaints I have are the upside down writing (which I’m sure is just an issue with the particular machine I bought) and the 2 hour timer.

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