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Hamilton Beach 40911 Iced Tea Maker

White 2 quarts with Slim Pitcher Brew Strength Selector and Detachable Pitcher

White 2 quarts with Slim Pitcher Brew Strength Selector and Detachable Pitcher

The Hamilton Beach 40911 Iced Tea Maker is an iced tea pitcher, which is a class above ordinary iced tea makers. This slim pitcher sets itself apart from all other iced tea pitchers because of its compact design that doesn't look bulky and too industrial. Moreover, its user-friendly features make it a popular choice among those who want a perfect mix of function and style in their kitchen gadgets.

Interior Features
  • The 2-quart capacity of the pitcher makes it a popular choice for a lot of iced tea drinkers. Not too much iced tea that ends up going to waste, but not too little that you'd want to brew another batch.
  • The permanent paperless filter can make use of loose tea leaves or tea bags. It does away with the need to use paper filters, saving on mess and extra unnecessary costs.

    Exterior Features

  • A genius control present in this iced tea maker is the adjustable brew strength selector that lets the user choose from mild, medium, and strong settings for the brewed tea. There's no need to do guesswork with knobs that only have calibrated lines. You get the strength of iced you want!
  • The lid of the pitcher snaps on to the main iced tea maker chamber, making sure there are no messy drips. Another implement that makes sure the pitcher is held snugly in place is a receptacle that slides out from below the heating unit.
  • Controls to begin and end the brewing process is easy to use with the power button just to be pushed on or off. The power automatically shuts off without having to press any buttons once the brewing cycle is done.
  • The instructions for the iced tea maker's use are embossed on the receptacle that holds the pitcher. There's no need to be worried if you lost the user's guide, as instructions are there as long as you have the unit.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 13.2 inches
    Width: 12 inches
    Depth: 7.7 inches
    Capacity of pitcher: 2 quarts


    Making iced tea has never been this easy - all you need to do is put the tea, the water, and some ice, press the on button, and iced tea is ready in 10 minutes. That definitely beats lengthy old methods of making iced tea from scratch. There's no need to worry about high electricity costs or making the unit overheat, as it automatically shuts off once a brewing cycle is done. The whole setup may look bulky, but the detachable pitcher can easily fit any fridge with its cover fitted snugly to avoid messes and drips when used in serving. The brew strength selector is a great way to make sure you get delicious iced tea based on your preferred tea strength.


    You would need electricity to operate it.


  • easy to use
  • clean, compact design of both pitcher and brewer
  • makes making of iced tea convenient
  • capacity just right
  • paperless tea filtering


  • use of electricity

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