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Hamilton 40715 Espresso Maker

Black with Silver Accents

Black with Silver Accents

The Hamilton Espresso Maker Model 40715 is a not-so-expensive espresso maker that can help you make a rich and aromatic cup of cappuccino or espresso within the comforts of your home. This espresso maker model comes in black with silver accents. It has several features that are designed to make espresso-making a hassle-free process.

Interior Features
  • The 15-bar Italian pump facilitates an easy and efficient way to make a cup of espresso or cappuccino. This means you can have your perfect cup of coffee within minutes.
  • The milk frother of this machine is easy to use. This allows the user to fully control the blend for each serving of cappuccino.
  • The machine has a pressure pump capacity of 15 bars. This really allows you to make great tasting espresso. The powerful pump enables the machine to extract all the flavor and aroma from the capsules.
  • Both espresso pods and ground espresso can be accommodated by the Hamilton 40715.

    Exterior Features

  • The machine is excellent looking. The design is great. Its black and silver combination lends this machine a modern and elegant appearance.
  • The machine is also easy to use. The unit has a simple push-button operation that makes it an ideal machine even for newbies.
  • The water reservoir of this machine is removable. This allows the user to fill the tank with water the easy and efficient way. Aside form this, the removable tank allows the user to wash it easily.


    One of the best things about this machine is its price. This espresso maker machine is really inexpensive compared to other units with the same features. With this unit, you don't have to visit your favorite European cafe because this machine makes authentic tasting and rich espresso that would really leave you satisfied. Aside from giving you an aroma-rich espresso, this unit also allows you to make a great tasting and richly frothed cappuccino. Easy to fill and clean, this machine features a removable water reservoir. It is also easy to use and manage because of its simple push button operation. The steam and crema produced by this machine is of high quality. With this unit, you can make an excellent cappuccino that your family and friends would truly love. The design of the machine is also great. This one is a perfect appliance for a modern kitchen.


    If you want a retro-looking machine for your kitchen, this one won't really fit in your home because of its modern design. The unit only comes in a black and silver combination. This is a downside for those people who give importance to the design and color that could match their kitchens. The machine also lacks some important and useful features. A metallic taste has been complained by some users. This was observed even if the water was changed and the machine was cleaned after every use.


  • 15-bar Italian pump
  • removable water tank
  • excellent price
  • quality froth maker
  • modern design
  • simple push-button operation
  • works with ground espresso and pods
  • authentic coffee taste
  • sturdy built
  • parts are very durable
  • easy to clean and maintain


  • not available in another color
  • not fit for retro kitchens
  • lacks some useful features
  • coffee has metallic taste

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