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GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Percolator 3 cup to 28-cup Capacity Percview

Top Permawood Handle

Top Permawood Handle

The GSI Outdoor Glacier percolator is a state-of-the-art percolator that is designed for those who love to go camping. This percolator has many features that many coffee lovers will surely love. The best thing about this percolator is it comes in varying sizes.

Interior Features
  • This percolator comes in different sizes. There is one that can contain only 3 cups and there is also one that has a 28 cup capacity. So you can actually choose according to the size of your household with this unit.
  • The percolator also has a marine-grade 18/8 stainless steel construction that does not only make the unit durable, but also make it easy to clean and maintain. Because it is made from stainless steel, the unit will not really retain the flavor and the odor from your previous brewing.

    Exterior Features

  • The percolator is designed for outdoor use. This is why it is lightweight and very portable. However, it all depends on the capacity that you choose. There is a small and very light unit that only has a 3 cup capacity.
  • The percolator is also corrosion resistant. This means that the percolator can last for a long time without getting damaged seriously. It will still retain its excellent condition even after months and years of using it.
  • The stainless steel construction of the unit makes it a durable and long lasting. Because it is made from stainless steel, it won't easily get damaged if you accidentally drop it on the floor.
  • It also has a virtually unbreakable Percview top made of Lexan resin. Aside from that, it has a hinged lid.
  • The percolator is also dishwasher safe. So with this unit, you don't have to worry that the unit will get damaged when put inside the dishwasher.

    Dimension and Specifications

    The unit is available in different cup capacities. There is a 3 cup, 6 cup, 8 cup, 9 cup, 12 cup, 14, and 28 cup capacity percolators. The dimension and the weight of the percolator depends on its cup capacity.


    Enjoying a great coffee is easy with this percolator. It is designed to make your coffee making efficient. With this percolator, you can actually have your cups outdoor. If your family plans on going on a camping trip, you can easily make coffee using this percolator. You won't also encounter difficulty bringing this one because it is designed for outdoor use. With its dish-washer safe parts, you can have an easy way washing and maintaining this percolator. You should not worry about it getting damaged. This unit is very durable. It is designed to withstand the rough weather outside and also last for a long time. With this unit,you don't have to buy new ones every now and then. The stainless steel exterior gives the unit a modern and sleek appearance.


    The price of the unit is its major disadvantage. The percolator's price depends on the cups it can contain. For the 28 cups, the percolator costs more than 30 bucks. The three cup percolator, on the other hand, costs more than 20 bucks. This is actually expensive because some percolators with more capacity are offered for a much lesser price.


  • several options for the size
  • durable
  • highly portable
  • sleek appearance
  • elegant design


  • expensive compared to other percolators

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