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GSI Outdoors Enamelware Percolator Red and Blue 8 Cups

3-Ply Construction Speckled Enamel Finish

3-Ply Construction Speckled Enamel Finish

GSI Outdoor Enamel percolator is a percolator that is not only stylish but is also full of useful features that many coffee lovers will surely love.

Interior Feature
  • This percolator has a capacity of 8 cups. This is really a great addition to your household if you have plenty of family members who also love to drink coffee. With this percolator you can ensure that everyone will have a cup for your favorite beverage.
  • The percolator is very durable because it is built from heavy gauge steel and years of rugged outdoor service. Aside from this, the percolator was also kiln hardened two times at 1,400 degrees F. Becaue of this, the percolator can actually stand chipping and scratches.
  • The percolator also has 3-ply construction which maximizes heat distribution for even cooking. So with this unit, you can ensuree that the cofee you will be making is of excellent quality.

    Exterior Feature

  • The percolator comes in red and blue colors, which makes it a great addition to anyone's kitchen. This percolator really looks appealing that you can actually show it off to your friends.
  • The unit has a durable exterior that can resist scatches. So with this unit, you don't need to spend more money on a new percolator after several weeks.
  • The percolator is also designed for outdoor used. So you can really ensure that this can stand extreme weather condition for a long time. It is actually ideal for picnic and other activities outdoor.

    Dimension and Specifications

    This percolator has a capacity for 8 cups.


    This stylish percolator is very cheap. You can actually find one for a very low price. There are many other percolators with the same features as this one but are offered for higher prices. You can actually collect the red and the blue ones of this unit because they are very attractive that they can really make your kitchen more appealing to look at. This pecolator is not just functional. It is also decorative. The percolator is very durable. It is actually designed to resist chipping and scratching.

    The percolator is designed for outdoor use so you can really expect that the percolator can last for a long time. It can also withstand harsh weather conditions outside your home. This percolator can help you brew perfect tasting coffee because it is designed to distribute the heat evenly at the base so the grounds are evenly heated.


    This one is not made of clear glass or any other clear material. So you will find difficulty monitoring the brewing process. With this percolator, you really need to remove the cover every now and then to see if the brewing is already done. The unit's handle is also not made of synthetic materials. This means that there's tendency for the handle to really heat up.


  • 8-cup capacity
  • durable
  • resist scratching
  • stylish and modern looking
  • very cheap compared to other percolators
  • Available in two colors, red and blue


  • not easy to monitor
  • handle can't really protect you from heat

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