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grind and brew dgb-650

Usually Cuisinart producst are very good, sadly the company is not. I recently had a grind and brew dgb 650 shipped overeas to a military post (we use 110) the system did not work ( suspect blown fuses) I called and wrote cuisinar for replacement fuses or a replacement system below is their lousy response:

Valued Customer,

We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Please note that this unit is wired for use within the US only. We do not recommend the use of these units outside of the US, even when used with a converter, adapter, or transformer. In addition, there is no warranty that applies to this unit when used outside of the US.

So basically, thanks for buyin our giant paperweight.

compan does not stand by its products, uses weasely techniques to void warranty, the customer service was awful.

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