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Gevalia 8 cup Thermal Coffee Maker

by Monika Woods
(Martin, Georgia, United States)

The Gevalia coffee maker with a thermos is the best. You can change the strength of the coffee you make, and it goes directly into the thermos type jug.

We bought ours about 4 years ago, and had to replace it about 6 months ago because we lost the lid. My husband was able to make his coffee in the morning and just take it with him. No glass containers to mess with and not spilling in the care.

Another plus is I was able to buy a cone shaped coffee filter with a thick mesh type lining. It fit right in and I do not have to worry about being wasteful by having to throw out coffee filters every day, or harming the environment by buying the bleached filters.

I would recommend that anyone that would like to have a good sturdy coffee maker, save money and help the environment, purchase one of the Gevalia thermos coffee makers. Sometimes they give them away free when you join the coffee club. You can even use regular coffee from the store and it taste almost as good as the coffee from Gevalia.

I think it has something to do with the special filtration process that the thermos and the lock between it and the opening where the coffee comes in.

The air does not get through while it is brewing, so you get fresh hot coffee with all the flavor and aroma intact.

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Nov 23, 2009
the best and the worst
by: Bernard Wideman

I've been a Gevalia customer off and on for about 20 years, and during that time I've had a number of their coffeemakers (as well as lots of their coffee). By far the best one has been the 8-cup thermal carafe.

Being a carafe, the brewed coffee doesn't cook while it sits waiting for the drinkers to pour second and third cups. And being a well-insulated carafe, the coffee stays hot enough (for this drinker) to still be quite drinkable and flavorful for an hour after brewing.

However, my recent experience with a new thermal carafe – to replace one whose bottom was starting to corrode – has soured my opinion of the machine ... and of the company.

I bought my most recent Gevalia 8-cup thermal carafe July 29, 2009 because, as I said, the one I had been using for about three years was badly corroded on the bottom. These coffeemakers are no-frills machines, which is all I'm looking for in a coffeemaker. They can't be programmed. You flick the switch to start the brewing process, and when the process is finished, the switch turns the machine off.

Except one morning recently I came downstairs to make my morning coffee and found that the wiring in the machine was burning. Apparently the machine had a faulty switch, which had turned on the machine during the night. The kitchen smelled from burning materials. I immediately unplugged the machine. After it cooled, I unscrewed the cover plate. It was clear that the switch and the wire leading to it were fried. It's a good thing the countertop is made of a non-combustible material.

I called Gevalia and told them of the problem with the faulty switch and asked for a replacement machine and asked them to be sure to report the switch problem to one of the higher-ups. The associate I was talking with on the phone first said they'd be happy to take my order for a replacement machine but wouldn't be willing to simply replace my inoperative machine. After much arguing back and forth, and after the associate spoke with her supervisor a few times, she finally told me they'd send me a replacement machine.

That was two weeks ago. I called again two days ago and asked when I might receive the replacement. The associate I spoke with this time said there was a record of my call two weeks earlier but no notation that I was going to be sent a replacement machine. She said that a supervisor would get in touch with me.

Of course that was obviously an empty promise, the same as the promise that Gevalia would stand behind its product and send a replacement machine to replace the defective one.

Bottom line: The 8-cup thermal carafe brews, and maintains, a fine batch of coffee at just the right temperature. But don't be surprised if you wind up with an electrical meltdown from a faulty on/off switch. And definitely don't be surprised if you don't get any straight answers from Gevalia's customer service. (In fact, it seems they should rename it "Customer Disservice.")

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