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Gevalia 50041

by Dee
(Prince George, VA)

I am a diehard coffee fan. Every morning noon and night. I think I need the caffine to start my day and the heat from the coffee to relax me at night. My favorite is anything french vanilla, including creamer.

For awhile now I have been using a Gevalia coffee maker. It is a 12 cup coffee maker that is just enough to satisfy me through the day. It is black and the best part about it getting it was it was free. All I had to do was buy coffee from the company.

It's like being part of a coffee club.The coffee filter basket swings so that makes it a little less messy compared to other coffee makers that I have owned in my past. Another great part...it has a timer on it so I can wake up to the wonderful aroma of fresh coffee. I would definitely recommend this item!

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