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Gevalia 4-Cup Coffeemaker

The Gevalia 4-Cup is a simple, no-frills coffeemaker that does as advertised. This coffeemaker will brew you four cups of coffee, no questions asked.

With the history of the Gevalia name, one can only expect a great product from this well-known and well-established coffee company that dates back to the 1850s.

Although this coffeemaker isn't perfect, it can be of great use in your home, especially if you get it for free like many other consumers have when they subscribed and ordered Gevalia coffee. Read on to learn more about the Gevalia 4-Cup and why you may just want to head out to buy one.

Key features

- As you could expect with a name like Gevalia 4-Cup, this coffeemaker has a carafe that fits four cups of coffee.
- The carafe is made of German glass and it has a plastic handle and pouring cover.
- Not only does this machine heat water for a nice, hot brew, but it also has a heating plate under the carafe, to ensure that your coffee stays nice and warm.
- The removable filter basket makes clean up and maintenance easy. Just take the filter basket out and toss it into the dishwasher after a rinse under the sink.
- The Gevalia 4-Cup also has a anti-drip system which stops the coffee dispenser dripping all over the place when the carafe is not in place.
- The filter basket is easy to reach, because it swings out from the body of the machine.
- This machine also has the Pause and Serve feature, which allows you to pause the brewing process midway to remove the carafe and pour a hot cup of joe before replacing the carafe to continue the brewing process.
- This machine also comes in either black or white to suit the style of the room you'll be placing it in.


One advantage of the Gevalia 4-Cup coffeemaker is that it is a small and compact machine that will fit on most countertops and under most standard height cupboards.

Another advantage of this machine is that it makes four cups of coffee, so you can easily control your brews to avoid making more than necessary. The anti-drip and pause-and-serve features on this machine also make it easy and convenient to use. Consumers also like the fact that this machine is easy to clean and maintain.

The non-stick warming plate helps to keep the carafe and the coffee in it nice and hot. Lastly, the biggest advantage of this coffeemaker is that many consumers get it for free.


The biggest disadvantage of the Gevalia 4-Cup coffeemaker is that it isn't built out of very durable material. Some consumers have had a problem wherein an internal part in the machine seemed to have warped or cracked, causing it to leak. This is a huge problem and there is practically no way to fix it without having the machine replaced or serviced.

This leads us to the next disadvantage: poor customer service. In the past years, Gevalia has gotten a bad reputation for having poor customer service, which is especially a problem if you start to have problems with your machine.

- Small and compact size
- Brews a great cup of coffee
- Dishwasher-safe filter basket
- Warming plate, drip-stop, and pause and serve functions
- Affordable coffeemaker that's easy to use

- Poorly crafted
- Leaks after some time of use
- Poor customer service

Comments for Gevalia 4-Cup Coffeemaker

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Nov 13, 2014
gevalia/melitta NEW
by: Anonymous

just lost mine, meltta 4 cups coffee machine, lasted nearly 30 years, and cant find another!!!

Nov 13, 2014
gevalia/melitta NEW
by: Anonymous

just lost mine, meltta 4 cups coffee machine, lasted nearly 30 years, and cant find another!!!

Mar 23, 2010
Leaks around base
by: Jen

My sister and I have both been baristas in the past and we wanted to try out a new kind of coffee without having to take the hassle of going to the store and trying out and grinding down coffees ourselves.

Our father had been a member of Gevalia coffee previously in our youth, where the coffee samples would be shipped out every month for him to try and then order more if he desired.

We decided to subscribe to Gevalia coffee and with our subscription we were given a free 4-cup coffee maker, in black. The coffee maker was a nice surprise and not one that we were expecting to receive. Purchasing the coffee maker from the catalog would have been otherwise around $30 - still cheap, but free is even better.

The coffee maker really performs as one would expect a very inexpensive (free) coffee maker would. The water dispenser is on the side of the top and easily fills with our kitchen sink hose instead of having to move the entire unit to fill it. I will say that it's a perfect height for a standard counter and fits perfectly under our counters.

It's a bit loud when brewing the coffee and louder than our other machines we've owned from memory, but it still brews good coffee. The big and huge complaint I have is that over time it seems the bottom of the unit, or somewhere within the unit, seems to have leaked or perhaps gotten a small crack over time up near the filter and grounds.

It's very inconvenient as coffee somehow seeps out of the unit to under the base, leaving nice dark brown stains of coffee all over our counters that is a pain to clean up.

Setting the unit on a towel before brewing solves the issue of course, but that doesn't look very classy nor is it convenient. But I suppose this is to be expected from a coffee maker that you really got for free!

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