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Gevalia 12 Cup 12207

by Kathy

One of the features that drew me to this coffee maker is the automatic brew features.I really like to make my coffee the evening before and wake up to it already brewed and waiting for me. My particular coffee maker also came with a 12 cup rather than a 10 cup carafe which comes in handy if you have more than two coffee drinkers in the house.

The maker was offered in a choice of three colors, black, white and silver which is what I chose. The silver looks more like silver plastic instead of stainless steel.The coffee maker was part of a promotion by Gevalia coffee. With the purchase of coffee from the company, you get the free coffee maker. The company is easy to deal with and the coffee maker is more than satisfactory considering that it was free. My first coffee maker from Gevalia failed to brew after a couple of months.

I contacted the company and they replaced it promptly, no questions asked. Not even a shipping charge! I have had this unit for three years. Within the last 6 months though, the automatic feature has broken.Everything else on the unit works so it will not be replaced yet. I have found that when cleaning the basket, the spring feature that stops the liquid from pouring if the carafe is moved has come out and had to be put back together.The brewing temperature tends to be hotter than some coffee makers I believe.

It will keep the coffee warm for tow hours after brewing. Overall, this has been a reliable coffeemaker and certainly a fantastic deal considering I buy coffee anyway and that it was free.

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Mar 12, 2010
it spills water
by: Anonymous

I have used Gevalia over the years many times. This coffee maker, however, has been a big disappointment. Nearly every time we make coffee, we find coffee everywhere on the countertop. I just made another pot of hot water to see what's going on. It appears that the water spills over the top of the carafe and goes everywhere. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I've never had this problem before!

I like the features of this maker, however, and Gevalia has always been good about returns. Is anyone else having this problem?

Jan 06, 2009
Overall, extremely pleased
by: Anonymous

A few years back, I signed up for the Gevalia coffee club and received their 12-cup programmable coffee maker as part of the incentive package. Shortly after signing up, the coffee maker showed up right on my doorstep.

It has been years now since we’ve had the coffee maker; and overall, I’ve been extremely pleased.
Beginning with the programming function, this element of the coffee maker works extremely well.

Every night before I go to bed, I set the coffee maker to begin brewing at 6:00 AM. As long as my power doesn’t go off in the night or the coffee maker become accidentally unplugged by my husband or children, the maker works like a charm; and I wake up to freshly brewed coffee.

The programming function is extremely easy to use, also. I push one button to set the current time (if it’s not already set) and the other to set the brew time. Pushing a few buttons is incredibly easy, and it’s nice knowing that the maker will work well in the morning.

Moving onto the brewing itself, the coffee maker works well. The maker can hold 12 cups, which is nice for those people who need to brew coffee for more than one person. You can brew as little as 2 cups, though, for those who don’t need a lot of brewed coffee in the morning. To make the coffee, place the filter in the machine and add the grounds. Add the amount of water that you need, and push brew. It’s very simple, and the finished coffee always comes out great-tasting and enjoyable. If you choose, you can use Gevalia coffee with the machine; however, you can use other brands as well.

My only complaint with the maker is that at one point, I washed the glass carafe in the dishwasher with hot water, and it cracked. However, I contacted Gevalia, and they immediately sent out a new carafe for free. So overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with this maker.

Nov 28, 2008
Stylish and quality product
by: Robert

My present coffee maker is an automatic Gevalia model, which I purchased through a magazine offer. I couldn’t be happier with the outcomes of my impulsive buying. It has been almost a year now, and the coffee maker has given me no tribulations. Not to mention the coffee comes out superb, each and every time.

Consequently, my favorite aspect of the device is its automatic brew setting. There is nothing better, then waking up bright and early for work, with a fresh pot of coffee waiting for you. However, I did find the coffee maker, made even better coffee from its own brand. This could be a testament to Gevalia’s quality coffees or to the machines programming and internal settings. But I could not honestly be happier with the product.

In the past I have used just the average, cheap coffee makers. And now there is no going back for me, you don’t realize what your missing out on until you try something new. I would have to scrub at my old machine, and still get nowhere with the stains. The Gevalia coffee maker, however, cleans extremely easily and well. This adds to the coffees pure taste and attractiveness.

As far as style is concerned, I found Gevalia’s coffee maker to be a great addition to my kitchens motif. Its stainless steel design is not only sleek, but also convenient in size. It fits anywhere in my kitchen, and tucks away nicely when needed to.

Along with my coffee maker, came a Gevalia mug and sample coffee. The mug I found to be a great addition to my coffee maker, it keeps my coffee hot and fresh for quite a long time. I could not imagine going through my daily routine without the stainless steel mug and my faithful coffee maker.

I would recommend Gevalia’s coffee makers, mugs, and coffee to anyone craving a bit of indulgence into the world of great coffee.

Nov 26, 2008
Great timer
by: Anonymous

I like it it has a timer so when i wake up my coffee is ready. It's simple to clean. and I can order replacement parts for it online.

Oct 21, 2008
great stainless steel
by: Anonymous

This coffee pot is great, really. It replaced my former (more expensive) pot, and has suited me well. I miss my old coffee pot with automatic grinder and reusable filter, but for as seldom as I drink coffee, this no-frills pot from Gevalia really meets me where I am. And as an added bonus, the stainless steel matches my microwave!

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